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Antibacterial Development Conference


A.     Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC) (1961)


Programs and Abstracts of ICAAC meetings were printed separately from 1961-1970, and together from 1971 to present. There are two separate Archives runs of these items, one in the Archives collection proper, and the other included in the book collection

        1. ARCHIVES Programs: 1961; 1963-78; 1980-86; 1993
        2. ARCHIVES Abstracts of Papers: 1961; 1963; 1965-1970
        3. ARCHIVES Program and Abstracts: 1971-77; 1979; 1982-83; 1985-90
        4. BOOK COLLECTIONS Abstracts: 1961-1970; Program/Abstracts: 1971-1985
        5. Folders on ICAAC meetings, 1st (1961) to 33rd (1993): folders may include report of Meeting to Council, technical exhibits program, announcements, press releases, press kits, clippings from ASM News, "Conference Journal," memorabilia
        6. SILVER ANNIVERSARY 1985:
          • 6.1  Correspondence of Donald Shay, Archivist, with Gladys Hobby regarding Archives Exhibit, 1984-1985
          • 6.2  Miscellaneous correspondence of Donald Shay, 1985
          • 6.3  Notes on materials exhibited
          • 6.4  Handouts distributed at meeting
          • 6.5  Drafts of article on exhibit submitted to ASM News
          • 6.6  General Historical summaries regarding ICAAC
          • 6.7  Text of talk by George McCracken given at Silver Anniversary Symposium
        7. Programs of antecedent conferences, 1946-60 -- includes 2nd-6th Annual Symposium on Antibiotics, 1954-59 [MOVED TO VERTICAL FILE: ANTIBIOTICS: GENERAL]
        8. Agenda and minutes of Ad Hoc Committee (SAB, NAS, NY Academy of Sciences) on future of antiobiotics conferences, 1960 (file of E.M. Foster)
        9. Correspondence of Philip Gerhardt, Secretary, 1961-62
        10. Correspondence of Robert E. Hungate, 1970-71
        11. Certificate of Trademark Registration for "ICAAC," 1991  


B.     Conferences (Conference Committee), 1974—

(For Asilomar conferences, see Northern California Branch; for Conference on Endogenous Mediators in Host Responses to Bacterial Endotoxins [1979], see L. Joe Berry Papers, Series 1, Subseries 2, Folder 3)

        1. Reports of Conference Committee, 1973, 1974, 1976; minutes, 1997; list of conferences, 1974-95, conference statistics, 1988-95; non-Society conferences for which ASM provided management services, 1988-90
        2. Pasteur Sesquicentennial, New Orleans, 1972:
          • correspondence of Morris Shaffer, organizer
          • correspondence of D.E. Shay, Secretary
          • memorabilia
          • text of talks by Andre Lwoff, Morris Shaffer, Mike Foster
        3. (Folders 3-26) Materials (primarily Programs and Abstracts) from ASM-sponsored Conferences and Symposia. One folder per year. For holdings, see separate listing, asmconf.arc (copy in Folder 3)