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Size:  14 Linear Feet


I.   Origins and General

    1. SAB Committee on Certification and Problems of Personnel 1942-52
    2. SAB [reorganized] Committee on Certification and Problems of Personnel ("Spaulding Committee") 1952-55
    3. General 1956--
    4. Relations to ASM 1963-69


II.  Board of Governors, Executive Committee, Fellows

    1. Agendas, Minutes of BOG and Exec. Committee 1956--
    2. Budgets, Financial Statements 1960-84
    3. File of G.I. Wallace, Secretary, 1957-1967
    4. Elections and Nominating Committee (for members of BOG) 1964--
    5. Lists of Fellows 1957--
    6. Minutes of Fellows Meetings 1959-90
    7. Correspondence 1960-86
    8. Miscellaneous reports, memoranda, resolutions 1960-75


III. National Registry of Microbiologists

    1. Governance 1963--
    2. Certification Program 1960-92
    3. Other Activities 1967-81
    4. Newsletter -- "The Loop" 1965--
    5. Miscellaneous 1970-83
    6. Executive Council of the Registrants


IV. American Board of Medical Microbiology (ABMM)

     (founded as American Board of Microbiology, 1958)

    1. Governance 1959--
    2. Certification, General 1959--
    3. Standards and Examinations Committees 1960-85
    4. Diplomates 1962-95
    5. Papers of Leroy McLaren, Chairman of Standards and Examination Committee for Virology, 1977-1983


V. American Board For Medical Laboratory Immunology (ABMLI) (1976) 

    1. Minutes 1976--
    2. Correspondence and Other Records 1980-95


VI. Committee on Postdoctoral Educational Programs (CPEP)

    1. Governance 1979--
    2. Memoranda, Correspondence 1961-80
    3. "Essentials,""Procedures Manuals" 1961--
    4. File of M.M. Brook, BOG Meeting items related to CPEP 1962-74
    5. Applications from Institutions to CPEP (incl. Annual Reports) 1963--
    6. CPEP Application to U.S. Dept. of Education 1977-94


VII. Other Committees - Brief Records Relating to Various Committees (1961 -- )

    1. General
    2. [Annual Meeting Program]
    3. [Awards See separate inventory, PART NINE]
    4. Civil Service Standards
    5. ad hoc Commission on Certification and Accreditation Programs of the Academy
    6. Council on Education and Laboratories
    7. Elections
    8. Exhibit Committee
    9. Foreign Visiting Professorships
    10. Guidance for Training in Microbiology
    11. Infectious Diseases
    12. Latin American Candidates for Fellowship
    13. Latin American Professorship Program
    14. Legislative
    15. Liaison with Chemists and Other Allied Health Sciences
    16. Membership
    17. Planning Committee and Task Force
    18. Professional Affairs in Clinical and Public Health
    19. Ad Hoc Review Committee (Sunset Committee)
    20. Standards Committee