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A Message to ASM Members on the Earthquake in Haiti


The Haitian national palace shows heavy damage after an earthquake measuring 7 plus on the Richter scale rocked Port au Prince Haiti just before 5 pm yesterday, January 12, 2009.
 Credit:UNDP Global via Flickr

It is with deep regret that ASM, along with the rest of the world, watched the devastation caused by the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th. Since then, ASM has been following up closely with the developments in Haiti and has made contact with its Haitian colleagues to ensure that they are safe and inquire about possible immediate assistance ASM may offer. The road to recovery is expected to be a long one for Haiti, and ASM will assist as needed by mobilizing resources and working in coordination with partners and other organizations involved with the relief effort. ASM’s thoughts are with the Haitian people, and ASM will continue to offer its support, looking for ways to leverage ASM’s resources with ongoing efforts in order to ensure a most effective response to help Haiti.

Roberto Kolter
ASM President