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Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
900 Convention Center Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70130

"The Microbe 2016 meeting was of a very high quality. There were many sessions that fundamentally informed the work I do in a diagnostic microbiology laboratory."
Susan Benson, Clinical Microbiologist, Pathwest

Tracks and Subtracks

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Antimicrobial Agents and Infectious Diseases

Track Leaders:

William Hope, FRACP, FRCPA, PhD, Univ. of Liverpool
Michael Ison, MD, MS, Northwestern Univ.

One of today's major challenges is the rising tide of antimicrobial resistance. ASM Microbe 2017 is the best place to find relevant information about new antimicrobial agent discovery, preclinical investigations of new antimicrobials in the pipeline, and more! Explore the AAID track topics below. 

AAID01 Antibacterial resistance: Surveillance, typing and clinical and molecular epidemiology 
AAID02 Antibacterials: Mechanisms of action and mechanisms of resistance
AAID03 Antimicrobial pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and general pharmacology
AAID04 Antimicrobial stewardship and quality of care
AAID05 Community-acquired infections in adults, including clinical trials
AAID06 Experimental therapeutics 
AAID07 HIV/AIDS and other retroviruses, including resistance
AAID08 Infection prevention and control: Healthcare-associated and surgical infections and clinical epidemiology 
AAID09 Mycology, including resistance and mechanisms of action of antifungals
AAID10 Neglected tropical diseases, parasitic helminthic and protozoan infections, malaria, global health, and travel medicine

Applied and Environmental Science

Track Leader: Michael Wagner, PhD, Univ. of Vienna

Many exciting findings in the AES field have surfaced in past few years. There have been recent, game-changing discoveries of microbial players and physiologies, as well as highly discussed news from electromicrobiology and synthetic microbiology. Explore the AES track topics below. 

AES01 Aeromicrobiology
AES02 Agricultural microbiology
AES03 Antimicrobial resistance in the environment
AES04 Biofilms in applied & environmental science
AES05 Biofuels & bioproducts
AES06 Bioremediation, biodegradation, biofouling, and biocorrosion
AES07 Detecting & characterizing microbes in the environment and microbial response to petroleum & fuel exposure 
AES08 Electromicrobiology
AES09 Fermentation & biotransformation
AES10 Foodborne pathogens
AES11 Freshwater and marine microbiology 
AES12 Genetic & metabolic functions in environmentally relevant microbes
AES13 Microbes of industrial importance
AES14 Microbial source tracking
AES15 Microbiology of food
AES16 Microbiology of the built environment
AES17 New microbial processes for resource recovery, carbon capture, and resource efficiency 

Clinical and Public Health Microbiology 

Track Leader: Barbara Robinson-Dunn, Ph.D., D(ABMM), Beaumont Hlth. Sys.

With more physician scientists attending ASM Microbe 2017, the CPHM track delves deep into antibiotic susceptibility testing, diagnostic research, and the testing and treatment of Clostridium difficile. Explore the CPHM track topics below.

CPHM01 Administering the Clinical/Public Health Microbiology Laboratory
CPHM02 Antimicrobial susceptibility testing
CPHM03 Diagnostic bacteriology
CPHM04 Diagnostic immunology
CPHM05 Diagnostic mycobacteriology
CPHM06 Diagnostic mycology
CPHM07 Diagnostic parasitology

Ecological and Evolutionary Science

Track Leader: Russell Hill, PhD, Univ. of Maryland Ctr. for Disease Control

Our rapidly advancing knowledge of the complexity, immense diversity, and important roles of natural microbial communities is the cornerstone of ecological and evolutionary science. Explore the EES track topics below. 

EES01 Biofilms in ecological & evolutionary science
EES02 Biogeochemical processes in the environment
EES03 Climate change and microbes
EES04 Comparative & evolutionary genomics
EES05 Ecology and evolution of viruses & phage
EES06 Geomicrobiology
EES07 Modeling ecological & evolutionary practices
EES08 ‘omics to study ecosystem function
EES09 Patterns, mechanisms & experimental approaches in molecular evolution

Host-Microbe Biology

Track Leader: Victor DiRita, PhD, Michigan State Univ. 

The breadth of host-microbe biology is represented in its full glory at ASM Microbe 2017. Speakers such as Denise Monack, Kristin Parent, and Harald Brϋssow will speak on cutting-edge research – topics range from studying phages and conflict and resolution in evolution to bacterial warfare. Explore the HMB track topics below. 

HMB01 Animal infections
HMB02 Climate response in microbial symbionts
HMB03 Genetic & physiological adaptation to the host
HMB04 Host response to microbes
HMB05 Host-Microbe interactions
HMB06 Invasion & survival in host cells
HMB07 Manipulations of host functions by microbes
HMB08 Microbe-Plant interactions
HMB09 Microbial symbioses with invertebrate hosts
HMB10 Microbiome-Host interactions
HMB11 Phage-Host interactions
HMB12 Polymicrobial infections

Molecular Biology and Physiology

Track Leader: Kumaran Ramamurthi, PhD, NIH

Walk away from the MBP track with a detailed mechanistic understanding of microbial life at the cellular and molecular level. Explore the MBP track topics below. 

MBP01 Assembly & structure of complexes
MBP02 Computational genomics, databases & modeling
MBP03 Enzyme mechanisms
MBP04 Eucaryotic Cell Biology
MBP05 Gene regulatory mechanisms
MBP06 Genome dynamics
MBP07 Growth & development of microbial cells
MBP08 Mechanisms of horizontal gene transfer
MBP09 Metabolic networks and microbial physiology 
MBP10 Mobile genetic elements
MBP11 Molecular biology & physiology of biofilms
MBP12 Motility mechanisms
MBP13 New genetic & genomic tools
MBP14 Phage biology & genomics
MBP15 Protein secretion & surface localization
MBP16 Replication/repair/recombination

Profession of Microbiology

Track Leader: Jennifer Gardy, PhD, BC Ctr. for Disease Control

Profession of Microbiology is the track for everyone. No matter what area of microbiology you work in and what stage in your career you’re at, the topics covered in POM are things you can use right away in your own practice, from improving communication and teaching skills to getting out there and being an advocated for the microbial sciences. Explore the POM track topics below. 

POM01 Biosafety, biosecurity & biodefense (excluding diagnostic public health microbiology)
POM02 Broadening participation in science
POM03 Business & management of science
POM04 Career & professional planning, preparation & advancement
POM05 Enhancing laboratory & research experiences
POM06 History of microbiology
POM07 Innovative teaching, curriculum & course design
POM08 K-12 science education & outreach
POM09 Microbiology research advancement
POM10 Public outreach & informal science education
POM11 Research integrity & responsible conduct
POM12 Science communication & social media