Poster Session - History of Microbiology



The Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA) is pleased to report that the History of Microbiology Poster Session at the American Society for Microbiology 2014 General Meeting (asm2014) was a great success - 22 posters on a wide range of topics were displayed; traffic was high and feedback on the individual posters and the whole session was excellent.  


List of History of Microbiology Posters - 2014


Plans are now underway for the 2015 History of Microbiology Poster Session:  

2015 ASM General Meeting (asm2015)

May 30 – June 2, 2015

New Orleans, LA 


Please check back later for more information and abstract submission guidelines - website will be updated as new information becomes available.


Criteria** for Judging Abstract Submissions:

The CHOMA Abstract Review Sub-Committee will use a score sheet that emphasizes:

  • Consistency with the ASM poster guidelines (outlined on asm2014 General Meeting abstract submission website)
  • Relevance of topic to history of microbiology
  • Clarity and focus of topic
  • Richness, complexity and depth of analysis
  • Appropriateness of sources regarding interpretations
  • Originality of idea

** Additional guidelines and "helpful hints" will be posted soon.


Topic Area: 

When submitting an abstract, you will be asked to indicate a general topic area – choose “Microbiology Education.”  You will then be directed to a list of sub-topics – choose “History of Microbiology.”  


Abstract Submission:

General guidelines on posters and abstract submission will be available on the asm2015 General Meeting site (site will be available soon).  



Any Questions?

Contact Jeff Karr, ASM Archivist at