Microbe, Second Edition

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Authors:  Michele Swanson, University of Michigan; Gemma Reguera, Michigan State University; Moselio Schaechter, San Diego State University; Frederick Neidhardt, University of Michigan


Bring the excitement, breadth, and power of the modern microbial sciences to the next generation of students and scientists in a fun and engaging way.


Microbe, Second Edition, represents an exciting collaboration between the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Education Board and ASM Press to revise the undergraduate textbook Microbe.  The resulting edition builds on the foundation of the ASM Recommended Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Microbiology Education. 


With this new edition, the goal has been to emphasize concepts, not facts.  Throughout the book, the authors integrate key concepts, learning outcomes, and fundamental statements from the Curriculum Guidelines. 




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Front Matter and Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 5

Microbial Ecology Compiled Sample Materials 

Microbial Pathogenesis Compiled Sample Materials




To illustrate the impact of key microbiology concepts on real world scenarios, each chapter begins with a case study, ranging from sauerkraut fermentation to the cholera outbreak in Haiti. Throughout the book, questions are posed to introduce the next key concept and to prompt students to apply the concepts they are learning.

To deepen students’ understanding of both the principles and practice of science, each chapter includes multiple active learning exercises for individuals or groups, as well as vetted visual, audio, and written resources for students and faculty alike.


Microbe, Second Edition, is a valuable tool for both instructors who are teaching a traditional lecture format and those who emphasize active learning in their classroom.  This text is intended for use in microbiology courses for majors and pre-health professionals, or for scientists whose fields interface with the microbial sciences, including engineers, computational biologists, and chemists.





Features of the new Second Edition:

  • Concepts of evolutionary biology are woven throughout the text.
  • An entirely new section teaches principles of infectious diseases (6 chapters total).
  • ASM's Microbiology Education Curriculum Guidelines are used to frame the key concepts taught in each chapter.
  • Active learning exercises support instructors who “flip” their classroom.
  • Every chapter begins with a case study that brings the microbiology to life and ends by tying key concepts back to the case study.
  • Each section begins with the over-arching question that will be explored.
  • Key concepts are illustrated by a greatly expanded set of figures, animations, graphs, and tables.
  • Adopters receive the full set of images and tables as well as answers to the discussion questions at the end of chapters.




“This is a fantastic text! Written in a comfortable, conversational style, it grabs the reader’s attention immediately, sparking their curiosity and keeping them engaged throughout each chapter while they seek and find answers to questions posed at the beginning of each section. A true joy to read. I recommend it highly for both traditional and flipped classrooms.”


─ Peggy Cotter, PhD, Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, UNC School of Medicine






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June 2016. 850 pages (EST), full-color illustrations.  Hardcover or eBook.


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