What Microbe are You? at NABT 2013

What Microbe Are You? at NABT 2013

The outreach activity “What Microbe Are You?” was showcased at the ASM booth to familiarize educators with activities available at the ASM website. Attendees took a quiz at the booth to determine their “microbe personality” and were awarded a badge with an image and facts about their corresponding microbe. To download this and other activities, visit the K-12 classroom outreach activities page.




NABT What Microbe Are You?

What Microbe Are You? at NABT 2013

"What Microbe Are You?" was prominently featured at the ASM booth at NABT 2013. Visitors took the "What Microbe Are You?" quiz at the booth, and once they figured out their "microbe personality" they were given a cooresponding trading card with a picture of their matching microbe and its characteristics.



To download the trading cards, click here.