ASM Launches Daily Podcast of MicrobeWorld Radio

Chris Condayan

WASHINGTON, DC — August 8, 2005 — Daily episodes of the American Society for Microbiology’s MicrobeWorld Radio show can now be automatically delivered to home computers and portable digital audio devices by subscribing to MicrobeWorld Radio’s podcast at

MicrobeWorld Radio is a daily 90 second news capsule designed to increase public understanding and appreciation of the vital role microbes play on our planet and to promote the science of microbiology. MicrobeWorld Radio produces 260 unique shows each year highlighting the process of discovery, the latest research and a variety of scientific disciplines.

Hosted by Regina O’Brien, each MicrobeWorld Radio feature includes an interview segment with a leading scientist in the field. This week’s episodes include:

  • Tues., August 9, “Brainy Bacteria” — By placing genetic instructions into living cells, bacteria programmed to make complex shapes may someday rebuild tissue destroyed by degenerative diseases.
  • Wed., August 10, “Honey Healer” — This natural sweetener is also an antibiotic and a preservative.
  • Thurs., August 11, “Green Fuel” — Many people consider the green scum that grows on ponds disgusting, but it may be a source of environmentally friendly fuel in the not-so-distant future.
  • Fri., August 12, “Martian Methane” — Recent discoveries of methane gas on Mars are providing astronomers and science fiction buffs with new optimism that microbial life exists on the red planet.

To subscribe to MicrobeWorld Radio’s daily podcast enter MicrobeWorld Radio’s URL feed address — — into a podcast software program such as iTunes or iPodder. Detailed instructions on accessing MicrobeWorld’s daily podcast are available on ASM’s MicrobeWorld website at

MicrobeWorld Radio is produced by Finger Lakes Productions International and is broadcast daily on radio networks and stations around the world.

For additional information on MicrobeWorld Radio’s daily radio program, please contact Chris Condayan, manager, public outreach, at 202-942-9302 or email


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