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microbialsciencesNew Administration and Congressional policies relevant to science and technology will have a significant effect on science. Already, an executive order is causing grave concern about work visas for foreign scientists from certain countries. In today’s new, uncertain political environment, it is increasingly important that scientists arguing for informed policymaking present clear and convincing messages to both the new Congress and the new Administration.

As the new Administration took office ASM asked it to address high priority areas that affect public health: expand federal efforts to combat drug resistant infectious diseases; establish a permanent, dedicated federal fund for rapid responses to microbial outbreaks; and accelerate the growth of the bioeconomy and research in the microbial sciences. Maintaining strong federal support for research is a high priority for the ASM, to ensure scientific progress and US competiveness. ASM is eager to assist the new Administration and the new Congress through constructive partnership to craft the best policy for science and technology.

ASM engagement with policy issues and dialogue with government officials will continue with periodic alerts to ASM members, designed to facilitate members’ communications with their respective congressional delegations and to support science in general within the new Administration and Congress. We encourage the scientific community to engage in promoting evidence-based policymaking. By participating, the scientific community directly contributes to the broader understanding of complex issues so important to the general public.

We believe that science must serve the public interest and that policies must be based upon sound science. When advocating for science, it is particularly important that the messages be clearly presented, compelling to nonscientists, and based on scientific evidence. The Office of Public Affairs has posted, Taking the Message to Congress, to assist ASM members in their individual communications with Congress.  ASM CEO Stefano Bertuzzi wrote a blog for the Huffington Post and sent letters of support to ASM members in the US and in the countries affected by the ban. 

ASM recently sent a letter to President Trump concerning the Executive Order on immigration and visas for certain countries and joined in an intersociety letter. If you wish to contact your congressional delegation and the President about this issue click here

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