The Zika Threat

ASM Acts to Counter Zika Virus Outbreak.

The Zika Diaries

Follow Dr. Vincent Racaniello’s lab as they work on Zika
at his Columbia University lab.

Read a Book Chapter about Zika Virus

Werner Slenczka presents an overview of Zika Virus in the book Emerging Infections 10, just published by ASM Press.
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Promega Biotechnology Research Award Past Laureates

2014 Joachim Messing
2013 Jay Keasling
2012 Bernhard Palsson
2011 Stephen Quake
2010 Maynard Olson
2009 George M. Church
2008 David Lipman
2007 George P. Smith
2006 Marvin H. Caruthers
2005 Claire M. Fraser
2004 Christopher T. Walsh
2003 Patrick O. Brown
2002 No Award Given
2001 Stuart L. Schreiber
2000 Stanley Fields
1999 J. Craig Venter
1998 David Botstein, Ronald Davis, and Eric Lander
1997 Stephen P.A. Fodor
1996 Lois K. Miller
1995 Larry Gold
1994 Richard A. Young
1993 David A. Hopwood
1992 Kary B. Mullis
1991 Eugene Nester
1990 Arnold L. Demain
1989 Leroy E. Hood
1988 Stanley N. Cohen and Herbert W. Boyer

*Before 2002, the Award was known as the Chiron Corporation Biotechnology Research Award.