Rules of Conduct

  1. All postings should be signed with the subscriber's name and E-Mail address.  If the posting is an announcement, include contact information such as phone, fax, and E-Mail addresses.
  2. Subscribers should be willing to make their names known.  Subscribers will not be allowed to conceal their names from being seen on the list, and may not post anonymous messages.
  3. Postings to the group should contain questions, comments, or information that is relevant to the group topic and of interest to the entire group.  If you want to question the opinions and information presented by others, please do not challenge or attack these people by "flaming."  If you have a differing opinion, please support your opinion or comments and use them to express yourself in a professional manner.  Subscribers learn and benefit from qualified responses to situations and questions.
  4. Keep the tone of your messages polite. Nothing is served by rudeness.
  5. Keep message contents limited to professional topics. Many people pay for their E-mail services on a per message basis. Filling their mailboxes with electronic "junk mail" is not considered polite.
  6. Avoid shouting (writing messages in all upper-case letters is considered shouting on the internet).
  7. Do not use this list for advertising. Discussion lists are not the place for this activity.  It is, however, perfectly reasonable to post a message to the list inquiring about sources for materials or services you require.
Violations of these rules will result in warning, and then removal of list privileges for the offending individual. As the list evolves, these rules may require modification. By applying for list membership, you agree to abide by the current rules and any future modifications the list membership deems appropriate.  Questions, complaints, and protests should be sent directly to your List Manager (see directory below) or Lyndsey Van Druff.

Listserv Account Subscription and Management

To subscribe to the listserv:

  • Go to;
  • Click on Sign Up for Email Alerts and Listservs in the left column;
  • Provide an email account that you want your messages to go to; and
  • Select the appropriate listserv to establish your request to join the list. Your request will be automatically forwarded to a list manager for approval.
To manage your account from the ASM website:
  • Go to;
  • Click on Sign up for Email Alerts and Listservs in the left column;
  • Provide your email to activate your account information;
  • Click on Preferences to update your email address or to change how your messages are sent to you (Note: the default is full messages as received);
  • Click on Message Archives to enter the Archive site;
  • NOTE that you may either "View" the archives or "Search" the archives and you will now be at   
  • If you wish to terminate your account, check the "leave" box for the appropriate list. You will receive a confirmation email.
To manage/use your account directly from the mail server:
  • Go to and enter the name of your listserv preceded by a "?" (ie: ?divc)
  • Enter your email address and established password (if you have one);
  • Select MY ACCOUNT from the menu on the left;
  • From the dropdown called "Membership Type" you may adjust how your emails are delivered to your email account;
  • If you are planning to travel and wish to SUSPEND emails, select "no email" from the options.
  • NOTE: This does not cancel your account. It only stops delivery of your emails while you are gone. To re-establish email delivery, simply reset the option to the one you want.
To email the list, address the email with