Congress Passes Zika Funding Bill

Congress passed and President Obama signed a 10-week continuing resolution, which includes $1.1 billion for Zika virus research.

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Zika In The Lab

Follow Dr. Vincent Racaniello’s lab adventures with the Zika Virus in his blog, Zika Diaries.
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I.    General

      1. American Academy of Microbiology Awards Committee 1991 –
      2. Miscellaneous 1967-86


II.   Awards

Dates given are for establishment of awards; closing date indicates award no longer given. Most recent names are given first. Folder level description includes lists of all award winners. Files generally contain nomination and biographical material on winners.

      1. Abbott Award in Clinical Diagnostic Immunology 1992 (Abbott Laboratories Award in the Rapid Diagnosis of Human Disease 1985)
      2. ABMM/ABMLI Professional Recognition Award 1999 (ABMM Professional Recognition Award 1991)
      3. ASM Congressional Fellows 1977
      4. ASM Distinguished Service 1992
      5. ASM Lecturer 1971 (Onr Lecturer 1957)
      6. Minority Student Science Careers Support Program: Travel Awards 1986
      7. [Minority Student Science Careers Support Program: Summer Research Fellowship Program]
      8. Dade Microscan Young Investigator Award 1997 (Baxter Diagnostics Microscan Young Investigator Award 1992)
      9. DELETED
      10. Becton-Dickinson Award in Clinical Microbiology 1978
      11. Behring Diagnostics Award in Diagnostic Virology - Rickettsiology 1985-88
      12. bioMerieux Sonnenwirth Memorial Award 2000 (bioMerieux Vitek Sonnenwirth Award 1993 (Alexander Sonnenwirth Memorial Lecture 1986))
      13. Carski Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching 1968
      14. Cetus Corporation Biotechnology Research Award (1988). Chiron Corporation Biotechnology Research Award (1993). Promega Biotechnology Research Award (2003). 2002: NO AWARD
      15. Commercial Solvents Award in Antibiotics 1951-54
      16. Division O Student Travel
      17. Foundation for Microbiology Lecture 1963
      18. Aventis Pharmaceutical Award 2000 (Hoechst Marion Roussel Award 1982) 2002: Fernando Baquero
      19. ICAAC Young Investigator 1983 2002: David R. Andes, Marc Lipsitch
      20. DELETED
      21. DELETED
      22. Eli Lilly and Co. Award in Microbiology and Immunology 1964 (Eli Lilly and Co. Research Award in Bacteriology and Immunology 1936)
      23. President's Forum 1990 (New Brunswick Lecture 1965)
      24. Ortho/McNeil Predoctoral Minority Fellowship 1992]
      25.  Predoctoral Minority Fellowship (ASM) 1980]
      26. [Predoctoral Minority Supplemental Fellowship 1992]
      27. Folder AA. President's Fellowship 1955
      28. Folder BB. Proctor & Gamble Award in Applied and Environmental Microbiology 1993 (Fisher Award in Applied and Environmental Microbiology 1977; ASM Award in Applied and Environmental Microbiology 1991)
      29. Folder CC. Raymond W. Sarber Fellowships 1984
      30. Folder DD. Scherago-Rubin Award 1987
      31. Folder EE. [Scientist-Educator Team 1992]
      32. Folder FF. Undergraduate Research Fellowship
      33. Folder GG. USFCC/J. Roger Porter Award 1982
      34. Folder HH. Vector Laboratories Young Investigator 1989
      35. Folder II. [DELETED]
      36. Folder JJ. Wellcome Visiting Professorship 1981
      37. Folder KK. Wyeth Award in Clinical Microbiology 1975-77
      38. Folder LL. Abbott/ASM Lifetime Achievement Award 1995
      39. Folder MM. ASM Public Communications Award 1995
      40. Folder NN. Alice Evans Award 1983
      41. Folder OO. Minority Undergraduate Research Fellowship
      42. Folder PP. Morrison Rogosa Award 1997 2001: Emma E. Keuleyan, ModraMurovska
      43. Folder SS. Merck Sigal Young Investigator 2002: Cesar A. Arias, Laurent Poirel