Continuing Education Mission Statements - Continung Pharmacy Education Mission Statment


American Society for Microbiology’s Continuing Pharmacy Education Mission Statement

Reviewed and adopted by Meetings Board, July 2004

Updated for Terminology, February 2009

The mission of ASM’s continuing pharmacy education program is to promote the continued maintenance and application of knowledge gained from pharmaceutical sciences to the improvement of health, economic, and environmental well-being. It is therefore appropriate that ASM provide education and materials to support improved learning and outcomes for pharmacists, who themselves strive to improve health care quality and cost-effectiveness. 

ASM, as an ACPE-accredited provider assures that all activities approved for Continuing Pharmacy Education will comply with the definition of continuing education, is applicable to the practice of pharmacy, and adheres to the ACPE Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education.

It is ASM’s goal, when organizing and developing content for its ACPE-accredited programs, to create well-balanced presentations that address topics and subject matters that are pertinent to the contemporary practice of pharmacy. The topics and subject matter to be considered include, but are not limited to: the social, economic, behavioral, legal, administrative and managerial aspects of pharmacy practice and health care; the properties and actions of the drugs and dosage forms; the etiology, characteristics, therapeutics and prevention of disease states; the pharmaceutical monitoring and management of patient therapy; and other information unique to specialized types of practice of pharmacy.