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June 12, 2001 - Strengthening Science at the EPA Bill

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is pleased to support H.R. 64, the "Strengthening Science at the Environmental Protection Agency Act." The ASM applauds your efforts to increase sound science decision-making at EPA and to introduce this legislation. The ASM would be pleased to work with you in any way possible as this legislation proceeds through the congressional process.

The ASM is the largest single life science organization in the world, comprised of over 42,000 members, working in academic, industrial, and government institutions worldwide. The EPA's scientific research and development programs are integral to research in the fields of applied and environmental microbiology. Please find enclosed a copy of the ASM's recommendations for the FY 2002 appropriations for biomedical and life sciences research and public health programs, including EPA research and development programs (pages 27 - 28).

Thank you again for the opportunity to join in your efforts and those of your colleagues to improve scientific review at the Environmental Protection Agency. Please do not hesitate to call upon the ASM in the future.