Antibiotic Resistance - Current Status and Future Directions

Due to the national and global increase in antibiotic resistance and complex issues surrounding this public health threat, ASM's PSAB convened an expert Task Force in July, 1994 composed of scientists from the academic, government and industrial sectors. The Task Force considered the current prevalence of antibiotic resistance, major factors affecting the emergence of antibiotic resistance, future research needs and future surveillance strategies for monitoring resistance. This report summarizes the Task Force's conclusions and recommendations.

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Global Food Safety: Keeping Food Safe from Farm to Table- New Academy Colloquia Report

It is extremely challenging to know how many people are made sick by food, which foods are at fault, which pathogens are most widespread or dangerous, and where those pathogens entered the food production system. In such a situation, where should research, prevention and education efforts be directed? In this report, each step in our complicated food production and supply system is described, highlighting key points of vulnerability, and making it clear that providing safe food is a shared responsibility.