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07-12-2016Science Advisor
07-12-2016Amy Chang
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hemingway janet gbc impactJanet Hemingway is recognized as a world leader in the biochemistry, molecular biology and practical management of insecticide resistance with 30 years experience and 200 published papers in this area. She has extensive field experience in the operational control of malaria, dengue, filariasis, onchocerciasis and other vector borne diseases. Hemingway is an advisor to PMI, the Global Fund/AusAID, Malaria Map, WHO's Gates Insecticide Resistance program, Notre Dame's Gates Malaria Transmission Consortium, UCSF's Gates Malaria Elimination Program, the Sri Lankan Anti-Malaria and Filariasis Control Programs, DFID's NTD Resource Centre, WHO's TDR Dengue Program, Shell Nigeria, IPASC and Aga Khan University. Hemingway's extensive fundraising has successfully attained US$400M for these programs over the last 20 years.