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04-12-2016Science Advisor
04-12-2016World AIDS Day
04-12-2016Amy Chang
04-12-2016Kavli Submit
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Antibacterial Development Conference

schlesinger larryDr. Schlesinger’s laboratory focuses on human mononuclear phagocyte interactions with the respiratory pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis and related mycobacteria, and more recently Francisella tularensis. Current work is focused on the production and role of mycobacterial cell wall carbohydrates produced in vitro and in vivo (including glycomics and lipidomics) in regulating host inflammatory responses through pattern recognition and phagocytic receptors and the identification of host susceptibility factors for tuberculosis using expression genomics. As M. tuberculosis is highly adapted to the human host, the laboratory is interested in the unique innate immune response to pathogens in the lung microenvironment. Specifically, the laboratory is exploring the molecular switches in alveolar macrophages that mediate its immunoregulatory behavior and the role of surfactant in this process.