K-12 Microbiology Website Reviews
A selective list of websites reviewed by volunteers and members of ASM Committee on K-12 Education based on usefulness, purpose, content, ease of navigation, organization and relevance to the K-12 educator community.

Microbiology Poster
NEW poster from ASM - "What is Microbiology?" This poster features a simple explanation of microbiology along with fun images and serves as an excellent resource for the classroom. Request a poster today to hang on your classroom bulletin board and reach out to future scientists!

ASM MicrobeWorld
Major gateway to extensive resources about the microbial world: 1) Microbiology-What's It All About with general information, career resources, profiles of scientists, 2) More About Microbes with activities and videos from the PBS show, and 3) Current Issues with stories including water quality and microbial resistance.

Clearinghouse of visual and multimedia programs, standard laboratory protocols and atlases of laboratory results.

Classroom and Outreach Activities
The collection of activities is meant to illustrate the incorporation of the microbial world in the K-12 community either through science courses or through community-based events and programs.  The activities come from classroom teachers and microbiologists.  All activities have been reviewed by the ASM Committee on K-12 Outreach for scientific and educational content, active learning and engagement, alignment with the National Science Education Standards, and clarity of accompanying instructions. 

Significant Events of the Last 125 Years
Timeline of microbiology-related events since 1861, includes historial papers and photographs.

FAQ Report Series
Perfect for high school educators, this series provides science-based information about important topics in which microbes play an important role.

Statement on the Scientific Basis for Evolution
Approved in 2006 by ASM Council, this statement documents ASM position that evolution is not mere conjecture, but a conclusive discovery supported by a coherent body of integrated evidence.

Making Connections
Booklet describing how ASM members connect to each other and develop long-lasting professional relationships, opportunities for collaboration, and face-to-face interaction with microbiologists in the US and worldwide. 

Bioscience Education Network
Portal to national digital libraries of biological resources including more than a dozen professional societies and organizations.

ASM Press
Books and other teaching materials published by ASM. Titles include: Recombinant DNA and Biotechnoloy: A Guide for Students 2nd edition, The Other End of the Microscope: Bacteria Tell Their Own Story, Pasteur and Modern Science, Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth, and Microbes Count!

Search for a Scientist: ASM's Science Education Network
Members of the microbiology community have volunteered to be a part of a unique resource for K-16 students and teachers – the Science Education Network (SEN).  These microbiology professionals and advocates volunteer their time to participate in national and local events such as festivals, science days, career fairs and science fairs. They mentor students and teachers in elementary, middle and high school and undergraduate colleges and universities.  As science experts, they evaluate resources for teaching and learning, and student applications for travel grants, research and teaching fellowships. Search the network to identify a scientist to help you with your science activities.