American Society for Microbiology Distinguished Lecturer Committee

(formerly Waksman Foundation for Microbiology Lectures)

Gerri S. Hall, Ph.D., Chair (’15)               
Retired Consultant, Cleveland Clinic
9611 Putnam Road
Forestville, NY  14062
Primary Division: C (Clinical Microbiology)
Secondary Division: A (Antimicrobial Chemotherapy)

Raul J. Cano, Ph.D. (’14)
Unocal Chair for Environmental Studies
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA  93407
Phone: 805-756-1358
Cell: 805-748-9717
Primary Division: Q (Environmental & General Applied Microbiology)
Secondary Division: O (Fermentation and Biotechnology)
Gary M. Dunny, Ph.D. (’14)
Department of Microbiology
University of Minnesota Medical School
1460 Mayo Building, MMC196
420 Delaware Street, SE
Minneapolis, MN  55455
Phone: 612-625-9930
Fax: 612-626-0623
Division: H (Genetics & Molecular Biology)

Heidi Kaplan, Ph.D. (’14)
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
University of Texas Medical School at Houston
6431 Fannin Street, MSB1.206
Houston, TX  77030
Phone: 713-500-5448
Fax: 713-500-5499
Primary Division: I (General Microbiology)
Secondary Division: H (Genetics & Molecular Biology)

Omar A. Oyarzabal, Ph.D. (’14)
VP Poultry Division
Institute for Environmental Health, Inc.
15300 Bothell Way NE Lake Forest Park
Seattle, WA  98155 
Primary Division: P (Food Microbiology)
Secondary Division: B (Microbial Pathogens)

Gary A. Toranzos, Ph.D. (’14)
PO Box 23360                           
San Juan, PR  00931-3360  
Phone: 787-764-0000, x4885  
Phone: 787-773-1743
Fax: 787-764-3875
Division: Q (Environmental & Applied Microbiology)
Ex officio Members:

Victor J. DiRita, Ph.D. (’15)
Chair, Membership Board
University of Michigan
5641 Medical Sciences II
1150 Catherine Street
Ann Arbor, MI  48103
Phone: 734-763-3531
Fax: 734-764-3562
Primary Division: B (Microbial Pathogens)

John Meyers
Director, Membership Services   
ASM Headquarters       
1752 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036       
Phone: 202-942-9253   
Fax: 202-942-9346   

ASM Staff Contact

Anne Dempsey
Program Coordinator, Membership Services
ASM Headquarters
1752 N Street, NW
Washington DC  20036
Phone: 202-942-9381
Fax: 202-942-9346