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The Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives houses several collections of materials related to the general history and science of microbiology.  A list of finding aids for each collection can be accessed below.  For additional information on the collections, contact the ASM Archivist, Jeff Karr, at  


Regional History Files: United States

The Regional History Files contain materials related to the history of microbiology in various regions (primarily the United States, arranged by state). 


Vertical Files

The Vertical Files are comprised of general materials relating to the history of microbiology, arranged by topic.


ASM Archives Miscellaneous Manuscript Collections

The ASM Archives Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection contains an assortment of papers, correspondence, lectures, biographical notes, manuscripts, advertisements, etc., including the Minutes of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors signed by Thomas Jefferson, dated 1826, a letter of advertisement on hiring a “bacteriologist,” dated 1899, and notes for a lecture and laboratory course at the University of California, dated 1900, among many other items. 


Biological Warfare Collection

The Biological Warfare Collection is comprised of published and non-published materials relating to scientific and policy aspects of biological warfare.  (The Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA) Committee is investigating the possibility of expanding this collection in the coming years. For information, contact the Archivist, Jeff Karr, at


Susan W. Rockwood Collection of Edward Francis Material 1901-1979

The Susan W. Rockwood Collection of Edward Francis Material consists of material collected by Dr. Rockwood, who was working on a biography of Edward Francis at the time of her death in 1983.  Dr. Francis, who served as Assistant Surgeon, Surgeon, and Medical Director of  the U.S. Marine Hospital Service (now the U.S. Public Health Service) (1900-1937), traveled widely through the U.S. performing duties in immigration, quarantine, hospitals, epidemics and scientific research on Tularemia and many other infectious diseases. 


Anne Sayre Collection of Rosalind Franklin Materials

The Anne Sayre Collection of Rosalind Franklin Materials is comprised of Sayre’s research materials for her 1975 book (Rosalind Franklin and DNA) on the role of Rosalind Franklin in the discovery of the structure of DNA. Included in the Collection are background materials and notes, correspondence, interviews (taped and, in some instances, transcribed), and a file of post-publication correspondence, which provides insight into the reaction to Sayre's book.


William C. Haynes Papers

The William C. Haynes Collection contains the papers of Dr. Haynes, who worked at the New York Experiment Station in Geneva (1935-1941) and at the Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (1941-1975), and who held numerous volunteer positions including Secretary of the Subcommittee on Pseudomonadales of the International Commission on Bacteriological Nomenclature of the International Association of Microbiological Societies, member of the Subcommittee on Pseudomonadales of the Taxonomy Committee of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), Coordinator of the Pseudomonas group of the Advisory Committee on Aerobic Pseudomonads of the Bergey's Manual Trust, and member of the Advisory Committee on Allocation of Funds to Culture Collections of the International Association of Microbiological Societies.


The Ward J. MacNeal Papers

Ward J. MacNeal Collection consists of materials collected by Anne Blevins, formerly of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, who studied and worked with Ward J. MacNeal at the New York Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital from 1934 until his death in 1946.  Earlier in his career, MacNeal worked with Frederick G. Novy at the University of Michigan, and published a number of papers with him on the trypanosomes.  He taught at the University Michigan, West Virginia University, and the University of Illinois, and he served on the American Trench Fever Commission during World War I. 


The David Perlman Collection, 1939-1980

The David Perlman Collection contains biographical materials, reports concerning fermentation and antibiotics, and teaching materials related to Dr. Perlman's tenure at the University of Wisconsin, where he served as Professor of Pharmacy and then Dean of the School of Pharmacy (1967-1980), after working for almost 20 years at the Squibb Institute for Medical research.  


Papers of Prominent ASM Members

The Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives houses several collections of papers of prominent members of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), most of whom served in leadership capacities in the Society. Many of the materials in the collections are specifically related to the history of ASM.