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Chronicles of the Society of American Bacteriologists

The American Society for Microbiology was founded in 1899 as the Society of American Bacteriologists (SAB). To commemorated the SAB's 50th meeting  a brief history of the Society, including a photograph of each of the Society's presidents, was prepared.  Click here to flip through the pages of the Chronicles.


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ASM journals publish over 23% of all Microbiology articles, while accounting for nearly 37% of all Microbiology citations*ASM publishes 4 journals in the Top 20 of Microbiology ranked by Impact Factor*

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Issue VII

Goals A.    Preserve and expand the current archival collections.B.     Provide access to the collections to scholars, the public, and the media.       C.     Clarify the collections policy for the Archives as a center for the history of microbiology.D.    Use the material in the Archives to publicize the History of Microbiology.E.     Provide service to the Society leadership, committees, and staff to ensure that knowledge of microbiological history benefits our present and future. F.      Document the history, protocols and practices of microbiology.G.    Increase awareness of the collection through education and outreach to the public. H.  Serve the Society’s membership and the science of microbiology through increasing awareness of microbiological history and its impact on society.I.   Organize an annual symposium, history of microbiology lecture, and exhibit for the General Meeting.

Issue VIII

 GoalsA.    Maintain communication and promote cooperation with other ASM Boards and committees to increase effectiveness of all Society programs. B.     Provide other Boards with updates on membership promotion and retention activity to increase communication opportunities.C.     Encourage ex officio membership on Membership Board Committees that share common goals with other Boards and their committees.  

Issue VI

GoalsA.    Provide and promote use of all avenues for underrepresented members to become fully involved at all levels in ASM. B.     Work with the Membership Board committees and other ASM Boards to promote the value of diversity in the Society.C.     Promote the accomplishments of underrepresented scientists to students, postdoctoral fellows and early career minority scientists through media and the worldwide Web. D.    Provide microbiology career mentoring to minorities at all levels.