ASM Career Connections at the 48th Annual ICAAC/IDSA 46th Annual Meeting

October 25-28, 2008Washington, DC ASM Career Connections, ASM’s online job board, is ASM’s onsite placement service at the 48th Annual ICAAC/IDSA 46th Annual Meeting.  Leverage your meeting attendance and search job postings and apply for jobs as a candidate, or post your job openings and contact qualified candidates as an employer.  Easily identify candidates or employers attending the meeting and set up face-to-face interviews! Candidates – Free to ASM members.  Fees for non-members.Employers – Prices start at $175 for a 30-day job posting.  NEW discounted pricing for ASM members!  At the meeting, visit the ASM Career Connections Booth in West Registration to log in to the website, check for messages, and view new job postings and resumes!  Visit ASM Career Connections at to register as a candidate or employer, get a head start on your search, or view more information about the ICAAC service.  Contact placement@asmusa.orgor Customer Care at 888-575-9675 with any questions.

ASM Career Connections at the 109th General Meeting

May 17 - 21
Philadelphia, PA
This page will be updated as information becomes available.

What's New in Membership

Online Join/Renew will open for the 2009 membership year is now open!
You may now Join ASM or Renew your membership for the 2009 membership year.  A 2009 membership begins January 1, 2009 and expires December 31, 2009 regardless of when purchased. Full, Postdoctoral and Transitional members receive a $2 discount off the cost of dues if paid online at the eStore.
What's New in ASM Membership
Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Recruit your colleagues to Full membership and receive a $75 discount on a purchase at the eStore!  For more details follow the link!

Discounted Books for Full Online Renewers

Full members who renew online before December 31, 2008 are eligible to receive a $15 discount off selected ASM Press titles.  All discounts must be used by January 15, 2009.  Below is a list of the eligible titles.  Please contact ASM Membership with any questions at (202) 942-9310 or  
Food Safety: Old Habits, New Perspectives  list price $49.95  your price $34.95
Offers an intriguing, anecdotal assessment of food- and waterborne illnesses “from farm to fork.” It examines how modern technology and traditional views about food safety and food handling can affect consumer safety and it concludes that the responsibility lies with a variety of people, including regulators, food producers, food handlers, and consumers.
Antimicrobial Agents: Antibacterials and Antifungals  list price $139.95  your price $124.95
Features more than 1,200 illustrations, over 1,500 tables, and more than 3,000 references and covers the history, chemistry, synthesis, mechanisms of action, pharmacology, and efficacy of all antimicrobial agents.
Archaea: Molecular and Cellular Biology list price $129.95 your price $114.95
Fully describes the molecular cell biology of the archaea in one accessible and readable volume. The core of the book describes the key to cellular processes such as DNA replication, transcription, translation, lipids and metabolism. This volume details the latest discoveries of the twenty-first century and anticipates new progress expected in the future.
Manual of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Immunology, 7th Edition  list price $179.95 your price $164.95
Renamed Manual of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Immunology, the 7th edition of the Manual of Clinical Laboratory Immunology continues the tradition of serving as the guide for laboratory directors. All existing chapters have been significantly revised and updated in the 7th edition.
Molecular Microbiology: Diagnostic Principles and Practice  list price $124.95 your price $109.95
Takes an innovative approach to the dramatic and exciting advances in diagnostic microbiology. A diverse team of editors presents an authoritative and comprehensive cutting-edge text.
Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World  list price $29.95 your price $14.95
In a sweeping thoughtful account, Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World considers the history of twelve important diseases: their impact, their consequences, their costs, and the lessons learned. Examines hemophilia, blight, tuberculosis, cholera, smallpox, bubonic plague, influenza, malaria, yellow fever, syphilis, porphyria, and AIDS.
Germ Proof Your Kids: the Complete Guide to Protecting (without Overprotecting) Your Family from Infections  list price $29.95 your price $14.95
The inside source on germ defense – from antibiotics and vaccines to health foods and home remedies. Written by internationally respected pediatrician and infectious diseases specialist Harley Rotbart, this book offers an accessible, comprehensive handbook for parents and physicians.
Molecular Principles of Fungal Pathogenesis  list price $149.95 your price $134.95
Presents readers with an up-to-date compendium of research in the field of medical mycology. The book measures the impact of genome projects, genetics, and molecular biology on the understanding of a diverse group of pathogenic fungi and explores the potential impact of vaccines and new therapeutic approaches to treatment.
DNA Repair and Mutagenesis, 2nd Edition  list price $99.95 your price $84.95
Featuring more than 10,000 references and a text lavishly complemented by over 700 illustrations, this edition is a timely update to the original edition published in 1995. Completely reorganized, the new edition presents a significant overhaul of the existing chapters and introduces important new material, reflective of the major changes and developments that have occurred in the field over the last decade.
Viruses and the Evolution of Life  list price $79.95 your price $64.95
This book is an intriguing presentation of the virus-host relationship, as revealed through an examination of host evolution. Starting with prebiotic precursors of life, the book features an engaging discussion of various life forms and how each group has been affected by viruses.

ASM Membership Types

ASM Membership Types

Full Membership
Join/Renew Online Dues: $59
Print Application Dues: $61

ASM welcomes to Full Membership anyone who is interested in its objectives and has a minimum bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience in microbiology or a related field.


Transitional Membership
Join/Renew Online Dues: $39
Print Application Dues: $41

Transitional Membership is available to all who are about to graduate or have graduated from an accredited program within 12 months of the application year. Transitional Membership is limited to two consecutive years. Transitional Members have all of the privileges of Full Membership except the right to vote or hold office. Transitional Members receive Microbe* (formerly ASM News) and are entitled to subscribe to the Society's journals at member rates.

Postdoctoral Membership
Join/Renew Online Dues: $39
Print Application Dues: $41

Postdoctoral membership is available to any PhD, DVM or MD graduate once during their life as long as the application for Postdoctoral Membership is received within 3 years of graduation from a regularly matriculated program in the microbiological sciences. Postdoctoral Members will receive up to 4 years of ASM membership at a reduced rate and may also qualify for any special Postdoctoral rates should such rates be offered by any ASM Programs. At the conclusion of qualification period, Postdoctoral members will receive a Full Member renewal form. The Postdoctoral rate may not be combined with the Transitional rate to allow 6 years of reduced rate membership. Postdoctoral members have all of the privileges of Full Membership except the right to vote or hold office. Postdoctoral Members receive Microbe* (formerly ASM News) and can subscribe to the Society's journals at member rates.


Student Membership
Join/Renew Online or Print Application Dues: $17

Any fully matriculated student, majoring in microbiology or a related field who has not earned a doctoral degree is eligible for Student Membership. Student Members have all of the privileges of Full Membership except the right to vote or hold office in the Society. Student Members receive Microbe* (formerly ASM News) and are entitled to subscribe to the Society's journals at member rates.

To qualify for student membership, applicants must supply the name and phone number of their major department chair on the application.  Failure to do so will result in the application and payment being returned unprocessed. Emeritus MembershipFree for eligible ASM members

To qualify for Emeritus Membership you must have 25 or more years of membership in the ASM and be retired from professional remunerative employment.  As an Emeritus member, you receive Full Membership at no cost and a complimentary subscription to Microbe (formerly ASM News); access to the “Members Only” section of the ASM homepage; as well as member rates for all ASM journals, books, meetings and conferences and online content.  If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Services staff at 202-942-9319; fax 202-942-9346 or email

Global Outreach Membership
Free to individuals from eligible countries
The ASM Global Outreach Program offers free ASM membership and full online journal access to otherwise qualified candidates in developing countries without regard to financial need. For more information about eligible countries, please go to this page: Global Outreach Program index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=20073

*For international members wishing to receive a print copy of Microbe there is an additional $12 surcharge.  International membership dues include access to the online version.