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ABMLI Certification Exam Offered Online
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The American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology (ABMLI) certification examination is now offered online at testing centers around the world. Applications are currently available for taking the exam any day during the month of August. The application deadline is June 1, 2008.

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Cumitech 46, Laboratory Procedures for Diagnosis of Blood-Borne Parasitic Diseases

Cumitech 46, authored by Lynne Garcia, provides guidance to the laboratory and other members of the patient care team in the appropriate selection, ordering, and application of tests for diagnosis and management of blood-borne parasitic infections. It details the reasons that examinations for parasites may be requested, reviews physician options for test selection and ordering, and discusses laboratory procedures used for examining clinical specimens.

HIV and the Pathogenesis of AIDS, Third Edition

The new edition of HIV and the Pathogenesis of AIDS, by Jay A. Levy, University of California, San Francisco, provides a state-of-the-art review of the current research, explains the history of the disease, and examines how scientists, clinicians, and public health workers have responded to the challenges presented by HIV/AIDS in the 25 years since its recognition. Thoroughly updated and revised, the third edition continues to provide a comprehensive analysis of the subject that is unmatched in the field. Figures and tables illustrate and emphasize key points and the text is extensively annotated. The book presents a balanced view of HIV/AIDS and serves as a valuable reference for students, researchers, clinicians, and health care providers.

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Journal of Virology, March 2008
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Applied and Environmental Microbiology, March 2008
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Applied and Environmental Microbiology, March 2008