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Why Certify with the NRCM?
NRCM's The Loop, Fall 2012 issue, Gordon Ely, Director of Microbial Assays and Specialized Studies, WuXi AppTec, Inc.


"I committed to the NRCM program to challenge myself and expand my understanding of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. The knowledge I gained while preparing for the exam is exactly what I needed to excel at my job and advance my career in this field."

Phil Tuckett, SM(NRCM)PhilTuckett2
Study Director II
Nelson Laboratories
Taylorsville, UT

"I sought NRCM certification for continuing education and gain more knowledge in the field of medical device microbiology. NRCM certification provided me with an excellent platform for adding credibility to my role as a microbiologist. NRCM certification definitely provides an edge in career advancement opportunities for microbiology professionals in pharmaceutical and medical device industries."

ShokeenSonia Shokeen, Ph.D., RM(NRCM)
Sr. Microbiologist
Medtronic Surgical Technologies
Jacksonville, FL

"I value NRCM certification because it helps to promote excellence and professionalism in our workplace. Certification recognizes the exceptional work we perform every day, and distinguishes us among our clients and coworkers."

Steve LaCroixSteve LaCroix, MS, SM(NRCM)
Quality Assurance and Safety Officer
State of Washington Public Health Laboratories
Shoreline, WA


"In the medical device industry, certification is clearly seen as a tool to establish credibility with peers and customers. It proves you have a high-level of knowledge and serves as a great tool for distinguishing yourself from others. Certification demonstrates a long-term committment to learning and that you are a highly-motivated and productive employee."

Mary Ann Drosnock


Mary Ann Drosnock, MS, CIC, CFER, RM(NRCM)

Infection Control Manager

Medical Systems Group

Center Valley, PA

I sought certification not only to use as a tool to further myself in my current position, but also as a personal accomplishment. It is a great way to show all the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my career. I am encouraging my co-worker to also become certified."

Sherri L. Hopple, SM(NRCM)
Sr. QC Associate, Microbiology
Aesculap Biologics, LLC
Breinigsville, PA


"By working to receive this certification, I spent time increasing and cementing my knowledge of the microbiologist's role in food safety. By achieving the certification, my company can demonstrate that we have the knowledge to test and relsease microbiologically safe products to our customers. It is professionally satisfying to be part of the community of scientists that have this certification."

Deb Czarnecki, RM(NRCM)
Lead Microbiologist, Food Safety and Quality
FMC BioPolymer
Newark, DE

 “Obtaining the NRCM certification in Biosafety was the next step in my career I knew would help me advance in my field and meet new horizons. Mastering the material prior to taking the exam was intellectually stimulating and the certification will help me grow professionally by providing greater opportunities in biosafety and security.” 

S  AgarStacy Agar, SM(NRCM)

Principal Scientist
Kansas City, MO

"I sought NRCM certification to expand my microbiology knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry. The information I learned studying for the exam has helped me grow as a professional and I believe is necessary in our field."

Mary Rose Pezzutti, RM(NRCM)
Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor RosePezzutti
Jacksonville, FL


“As a biosafety professional I had the desire to demonstrate my proficiency by passing the NRCM certification exam for my own personal satisfaction, as well as, career advancement. The time commitment for preparation to take the exam was significant but it enhanced my biosafety education. In doing so, I feel I have a greater competency in the workplace.”

MarthaSchneermanMartha C. Schneerman, Ph.D., SM(NRCM)
Biosafety Professional
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL


"I sought NRCM certification to gain more credibility in my field. I wanted my customers to be able to trust that I had the knowledge to help them make the best decisions."

AndrewDewartAndrew W. D’Ewart, RM(NRCM)
Study Director
Nelson Laboratories
Taylorsville, UT


Certification Helps Biocompatibility Labs Provide Service, Value and Productivity
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Quality Control: Certified NRCM Workforce
Reprint from PMF Newsletter, Volume 15, Number 4, April 2009