Listing of Current Fellows

Current ASM/CDC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Awardees

Sheila Akinyi (2010)
Preceptor: Dr. Venkatachalam Udhayakumar
Molecular Studies of Histidine Rich Protein Deletions in Plasmodium isolates from South America
* Research Site: CDC, Atlanta

Belay (2010) 
Preceptor: Dr. Lihua Xiao
Molecular epidemiological characterizations of Cryptosporidium isolates from humans and cattle in Et
* Research Site: CDC, Atlanta

Angela Bosco-Lauth (2011)
Preceptor: Dr. Aaron Brault
Genetic determinants of viral persistence, altered immunity, and the potential for antibody mediated enhancement of flavivirus infections in avian hosts
*Research Site: CDC, Fot Collins

Janna Carrie Futch (2011)

Preceptor: Dr. Vincent Hill
Developing low-tech, field-deployable techniques for the rapid detection and recovery of V. cholerae in environmental samples

*Research Site: CDC, Atlanta

Shaw Gargis (2010)
Preceptor: Dr. Barry Fields
Identification of factors involved in biofilm adherence and intracellular replication by Legionella
* Research Site: CDC, Atlanta

Griffing (2010)
Preceptor: Dr. Efrain Ribot
Development of a SNP analysis assay for the characterization of O157:H7 and other STEC
* Research Site: CDC, Atlanta

Joan Kenney (2011)
Preceptor: Dr. Aaron Brault
Genetic determinants for flavivirus specificity to an alternating invertebrate-vertebrate life cycle or non-vectored single host cycle
*Research Site: CDC, Fort Collins

Luke Kingry (2011)
Preceptor: Dr. Jeannine Petersen
Assessment of genomic variations between highlu related clades of Francisella tularensis that result in significant differences in virulence
*Research Site: CDC, Fort Collins

Lascano (2010)
Preceptor: Dr. Ellen M Dotson
Chagas disease vector population structure and molecular characterization of T cruzi in Ecuador
* Research Site: CDC, Atlanta

McNulty (2010)
Preceptor: Dr. Stuart T Nichol
Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Signaling Contributes to Hantaviral Pathogenesis
* Research Site: CDC, Atlanta

Theodros Tsegaye (2011)

Preceptor: Dr. Ellen Kersh
Analysis of anti-SHIV/HIV T-cell immune responses (chemovaccination) that develop following use of PrEP

*Research Site: CDC, Atlanta

Janice Van Zee (2010)
Preceptor: Dr. Joseph Piesman
Variation in the population genetics of Ixodes scapularis
* Research Site: CDC, Fort Collins

Jacklyn Wong (2011)
Preceptor: Dr. John Gimnig
* Research Site: CDC, Atlanta