The Professional Practice Committee’s (PPC) mission is to provide professional development opportunities and content to members to increase their skill, enhance their job performance and contribute to the profession. The PPC will serve the microbiology profession by representing clinical microbiologists and immunologists, microbiologists working in the pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries, and biological safety officers. Currently, the PPC oversees professional certification, accreditation of postgraduate clinical training programs, the clinical microbiology portal, mentoring for clinical microbiologists, and the Speakers' Bureau. The PPC also develops evidence-based and consensus-based practice guidelines.

Annual Report of ASM’s Clinical Activities, Products, and Services.

What does ASM have for Clinical Microbiologists?

Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: Applications and Challenges
An intermediate virtual course for ASM members beginning in January 2015. This will be a repeat of the 2014 course.