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(Nomination packets generally include cv/bibliography and letters of recommendation. Recipients for whom there are no materials held are listed in brackets)

A. Abbott Laboratories Award in the Rapid Diagnosis of Human
Disease (1985); Abbott Award in Clinical and Diagnostic Immunology (1992)

Rules; clippings, 1984; committee list, 1985; list of winners, lecture titles, announcements from ASM News Nomination packets for recipients, 1985-
1985: Richard C. Tilton
1986: Robert H. Yolken
1987: [no award]
1988: [no award]
1989: Thomas F. Smith
1990: Albert Balows
1991: Shoshana Bascomb
1992: Ellen S. Vitetta
1993: Noel Rose
1994: Anthony Cerami
1995: John L. Fahey
1996: John L. Sever
1997: Steven D. Douglas
1998: William E. Paul
1999: Herman Friedman
2000: James D. Folds
2001: Max D. Cooper
2002: Thomas A. Waldman
2003: Hugh O. McDevitt

B. ABMM Professional Recognition Award (1991), ABMM/ABMLI Professional Recognition Award (1999)

Nomination packets for recipients
1991: Dieter M. Groschel
[1992: Edwin H. Lennette]
1993: Marion M. Brooke
1994: Henry D. Isenberg
1995: William J. Hausler, Jr.
1996: Silas G. Farmer
1997: Albert Balows
1998: Josephine A. Morello
1999: Alice S. Weissfeld
2000: Marie B. Coyle
2001: James D. Folds
2002: Edward J. Bottone
2003: Noel R. Rose

C. ASM Congressional Scientific Fellows (1977)
See also L. Joe Berry Papers, Series 2, Subseries 7: ASM Foundation

Miscellaneous files of the Executive Director (Robert F. Acker, Riley D. Housewright) 1977-81 Files of Executive Director (Acker, Housewright) on Fellows, 1977-82 [*see also papers of Harlyn Halvorson, Series 5: PSAB]
1977-78: Cathy L. Reed
1978-79: Ann Marie Norberg
1979-80: Ann James
1980-81: Henry N. Williams*
1981-82: Mary Ann Danello
1982-83: Zeda F. Rosenberg
[1983-84: Robyn Y. Nishimi]
1984-85: Lesley M. Russell*
[1985-86: Eileen Lee]*
[1986-87: Deborah Zucker]
[1987-88: Jill A. Snowden]
[1988-89: Rivers Singleton, Jr.]
[1989-90: Kathy Lynn Hudson]
1990-91: Sarah Horrigan
1991-92: Charles Gardner
[1992-93: Catherine Ives]
1993-94: Oscar M. Aparicio
1994-95: Elizabeth Reilley
1995-96: Martha C. Soto
1996-97: David Sander
1997-98: Ellen Gadbois
1998-99: Theresa Wizemann
1999-00: Susan A. Zullo and Carolyn Wong

D. ASM Distinguished Service Award (1992); ASM Founders Distinguished Service Award (1999)

Nomination packets for recipients
1992: Josephine Morello
1993: Mario Escobar
1994: Arnold Demain
1995: Michael J. Pelczar, Jr.
1996: Henry Isenberg
1997: Herman Friedman
1998: Richard A. Finkelstein
1999: Martha Howe
2000: Ronald M. Atlas
2001: Judith E. Domer
2002: David Pramer
2003: James M. Tiedje

E. ASM Lecturer (formerly ONR Lecturer) Lists of lecturers; clippings, 1957-70; announcements Folders on each lecturer may contain copy of lecture, correspondence, notes.

[1957: D.A.A. Mossel]
[1958: W.E. van Heynigen]
1959: A.A. Miles
[1960: M.R.J. Salton]
[1961: J.C. Senez]
[1962: W. Schafer]
[1963: C-G. Heden]
[1964: R.R. Porter]
[1965: E. Kellenberger]
[1966: O. Hayaishi]
1967: M. Shilo
[1968: G.N. Cohen]
1969: A. Lwoff
[1970: H.J. Rogers]
1971: N. Pfennig
1972: J.W.M. la Riviere
1973: W. Hayes
[1974: R. Dubos]
[1975: N. Datta]
[1976: R. Stanier]
[1977: L. Siminovitch]]
1978: O. Westphal
1979: R. Dulbecco
[1980: B.S. Blumberg]
[1981: S.N. Cohen]
[1982: J. Lindenman]
[1983: M. Salas]
[1984: H. Smith]
[1985: W. Goebel]
[1986: E. Winocour]
[1987: A. Fauci]
[1988: H. Jannasch]
1989: S. Normark
1990: J. Davies
1991: R.L. Metzenberg
1992: N.R. Pace
[1993: W.F. Anderson]

F. Minority Student Science Careers Support Program: Travel Awards 1986 Brochures, n.d., 1990 List of recipients, 1990, 1996

G. Minority Student Science Careers Support Program: Summer Research Fellowship Program List of winners, 1996

H. Baxter Diagnostics Microscan Young Investigator (1992); Dade Microscan Young Investigator Award (1997) Nomination packets

1992: W. Guy Bradley
1993: Paula Helena Summanen
1994: Ferric Fang
1995: David Relman
1996: Hiroyuki Moriuchi
1997: Guido Funke
1998: Elizabeth A. Talbot
1999: James E. Crowe, Jr.
2000: Keith R. Jerome
2001: Brian J. Akerley
2002: John Wain
2003:Ebbing Lautenbach
List of winners, announcements from ASM News


J. Becton-Dickinson Award in Clinical Microbiology (1978); BD Award for Research in Clinical Microbiology (1999) Correspondence of Morris F Shaffer, Chairman of the Committee on Honors, on establishment of the award, 1974-75 Report to Council,1985; list of winners, lecture titles, announcements from ASM News Recipients, 1978- -- contains nomination packets, copy of letter to recipient announcing award, biographies prepared for ASM News, clippings from ASM News

1978: J.C. Sherris
1979: H.D. Isenberg
1980: A. Bondi
1981: A. Balows
1982: W.B. Cherry
1983: G.D. Hsiung
1984: A.C. Sonnenwirth
1985: L.V. Holdeman
1986: S. Falkow
1987: H. Friedman
1988: J.M. Matsen
1989: J.A. Washington
1990: G. Gilardi
1991: L.B. Reller
1992: J.H. Jorgensen
1993: P.R. Murray
1994: R.C. Bartlett
1995: Gary V. Doern
1996: Alex von Graevenitz
1997: Michael Pfaller
1998: Richard R. Facklam
1999: Sydney M. Finegold
2000: Fred C. Tenover
2001: Donald E. Low
2002: Thomas F. Smith
2003: Clyde Thornsberry

K. Behring Diagnostics Award in Diagnostic Virology-
Rickettsiology l985-88 Committee records, 1984; committee lists, 1984-5; rules, n.d.; clippings, 1984 Nomination packets for recipients, 1985-; generally include copy of letter from the Secretary of ASM to the recipient; CV; nominating letters; clippings from ASM News

1985: N.J. Schmidt
1986: T.F. Smith
1987: A.Z. Kapikian
1988: P. Halonen

L. bioMerieux Alexander Sonnenwirth Memorial Lecture (1986) (bioMerieux Vitek Sonnenwirth Memorial Award, 1993) (bioMerieux Sonnenwirth Memorial Award 2000) Folders for recipients may contain nomination material, CVs, clippings, letters

1986: Sydney Finegold
[1987: David Schlessinger]
[1988: John C. Sherris]
1989: Henry D. Isenberg
1990: Raymond C. Bartlett
1991: Josephine A. Morello
1992: Paul D. Ellner
1993: John M. Matsen
1994: Marie B.Coyle
1995: Frank P. Koontz
1996: Edward J. Bottone
1997: L. Barth Reller
1998: Joseph L. Staneck
1999: Albert Balows
2000: Ellen Jo Baron
2001: Peter H. Gilligan
2002: Patrick R. Murray
2003: J. Michael Miller

M. Carski Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award (1968) Award certificate Letter of J. Roger Porter to Theodore J. Carski on setting up of award, 1965 Carski Award Committee, report to Council, 1969, 1983; clippings from ASM News, 1968-1971,1975 (articles on teaching by Umbreit, Wolfe and Rittenberg). Folders on recipients, 1968- -- contain dossier of recipient as considered by Committee, press releases, correspondence of the Archivist, clippings from ASM News 1968: Wayne W. Umbreit

1969: Sidney C. Rittenberg
1970: Walter A. Konetzka
1971: Ralph S. Wolfe
1972: William B. Sarles
1973: William G. Walter
1974: Frank E. Swatek
1975: Matthew C. Dodd
1976: Elizabeth R. Hall
1977: Margaret Green
1978: Noel R. Krieg
1979: Elwood B. Shirling
1980: Warren Litsky
[1981: Robert J. Brady]
1982: John L. Fryer
1983: M. John Pickett
1984: Nancy Harvie
1985: Melvin S. Rheins
1986: Samuel Kaplan
1987: Paul J. VanDemark
1988: Thomas Brock
1989: Lois Lindberg
1990: Alice G. Reinarz
1991: Roar Irgens
1992: Jerald C. Ensign
1993: George E. Schaiberger
1994: David L. Balkwill
1995: Mary Mennes Allen
1996: Vicente Villa
1997: Raul J. Cano
1998: Kenneth G. Todar
1999: Beverly Pierson
2000: I. Edward Alcamo
2001: Joan W. Bennett
2002: Jeanne S. Poindexter
2003: Michael T. Madigan

N. Chiron Corporation Biotechnology Research Award [Cetus Corporation-Biotechnology Research Award (1988-1992)] Nomination packets of recipients, 1988-

1988: Stanley B. Cohen and Herbert W. Boyer
1989: Leroy E. Hood
1990: Arnold Demain
1991: Eugene Nester
1992: Kary B. Mullis
1993: David A. Hopwood
1994: Richard A. Young
1995: Larry Gold
1996: Lois K. Miller
1997: Stephen P.A. Fodor
1998: David Botstein, Eric S. Lander and Ronald W. Davis
1999: J. Craig Venter
2000: Stanley Fields
2001: Stuart L. Schreiber
2003: Patrick O. Brown

O. Commercial Solvents Award (antibiotics) (1951-54)
Award discontinued) Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary-treasurer of SAB, 1949-50 Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary-treasurer of SAB, 1952-54 Miscellaneous material on recipients, press releases, clippings from SAB Newsletter, 1951-4. S.A. review article in Bacteriological Reviews 16:51-67 Summary list of awardees for 1950-54; certificate; correspondence of R. Sarber concerning medal, 1971

[P. Division O (Fermentation and Biotechnology) Student Travel Grant]

[Q. Deleted]

R. Hoecshst Marion Roussel Award (1982) (Antimicrobial chemotherapy) , Aventis Pharmaceutical Award (2000) Miscellaneous correspondence, 1981-1985; reports to Council, 1983-1985; charter, n.d. Nomination packets -- may include nominating letters, clippings, award notification, CV, bibliography

1982: Alexander Tomasz
1983: Harold C. Neu
1984: Hiroshi Nikaido
1985: Satoshi Omura
1986: Julian Davies
1987: Larry Bryan
1988; David A. Hopwood
1989: Bernard D. Davis
[1990: Jack L. Strominger]
1991: George H. McCracken
1992: Sydney M. Finegold
1993: Brian G. Spratt
1994: Robert C. Moellering, Jr.
1995: Stuart B. Levy
1996: Erik de Clerq (also includes 1983 nomination material)
1997: Patrice Courvalin
1998: King K. Holmes
1999: David Ho
2000: Richard James Whitley
2001: William E. Dismukes

S. ICAAC Young Investigator Clippings, 1984-85; Report to Council, 1984 Nomination packets -- may include nominating letters, CV

1983: Richard F. Jacobs, Steven Schutzer, Christopher Taylor, Roger Levesque
1984: Donna L. Hartley, Henry A. Locjman, Michael T. MacDonell, Thomas R. Parr
1985: Bradley E, Britigan, Stuart M. Levitz, Justin D. Radolf, Thomas J. Walsh
1986: Bruce S. Klein, Christian C. Patrick, Vernon L. Tesh, Robert S. Wallis
1987: Jane C. Burns, Francisco Diaz-Mitoma, Les P. Nagata, William A. Petri, Jr.
[1988: Kenneth D. Croen, Bert E. Johansson, James R. Lupski, Carlos V. Paya]
1989: Edward N. Janoff, Mary B. Nettleman, Thomas F. Patterson, Steven M. Schnittman
1990: Martin Bryant, Paul J. Maddon, Athanasios Papavassiliou, Bryan Volpp
1991: Marcia B. Goldberg, Francois Malouin, Xavier Saez- Llorens, Erwin Schurr
1992: Timothy L. Cover, Luis G. Gaivedoni, Alfredo Jacobo-Molina, James M. Musser
1993: Marion Man-Ying Chan, Bradley N. Doebbeling, Jack A. Heinemann, Larry S. Schlesinger
1994: Timothy G. Palzkill, Jane E. Koehler, Celia M. Alpuche-Aranda, Juan C. Bandres
1995: Joan R. Butterton, Chetan E. Chitnis, Xi Jiang, Peter M. Small, Matthew K. Waldor
1996: Elizabeth Hohmann, Mark Dworkin
1997: Andrew D. Badley, Leta Crawford-Miksza, Shou-Jiang Gao, Lisa A. Jackson
1998:Mark Kenneth Slifka, Sanjay A. Desai
1999: Maurizio Del Poeta, James Versalovic
2000: Marcel A. Behr, Rodger Novak
2001: Vance G. Fowler, Paula Ivonne Watnick

[T. International Science and Engineering Fair Awards]

[U. Latin American Professorship Program.
Currently discontinued, under review. See also LAPP under Board of Education and Training, 5-III F]

V. (Eli) Lilly Award (1936) See also Presidential file of Ira L. Baldwin Lists of award winners covering 1936-87; Lilly brochure on awardees, 1957; summary list of committee members, 1936-1973 "Rules Governing the Eli Lilly Company Award in Bacteriology and Immunology," 1935 Correspondence of Stewart A. Koser, Chairman of the Lilly Award Committee, 1940-43, 1955 Correspondence of Barnett Cohen. President of SAB, 1950-51 Correspondence of E. M. Foster, Secretary of ASM, 1955-60 Miscellaneous correspondence of the Archivist (B. Cohen, L.S. McClung), 1941-60 Citations for award covering 1936-52, compiled by the Archivist Drawing of medal, ca. 1936; certificate, ca. 1975 Clippings from SAB Newsletter/ASM News, 1936-71 Award recipients, l936 -- folders may contain correspondence of the Chairman of the Lilly Award Committee, Secretary of ASM, or the Archivist; nomination packets including curriculum vitae, references, etc., of the recipient; award citation; reprints of award address; press releases; clippings from SAB Newsletter/ASM News. Further biographical information may also be found in Bio-Bibliography files

1936: Harry Eagle
1937: Frank L. Horsfall, Jr.
1938: Jerome T. Syverton
1939: John Kidd
1940: Dilworth Wayne Wooley
1941: Alwin M. Pappenheimer
1942: Harland G. Wood
1943: NO AWARD
1944: NO AWARD
1945: Esmond Emerson Snell
1946: Maclyn McCarty
1947: Wayne W. Umbreit
1948: Alan Bernheimer
1949: Elvin A. Kabat
1950: Roger Y. Stanier
1951: Seymour S. Cohen
1952: J.O. Lampen
1953: Joshua Lederberg
1954: James W. Moulder
1955: Willis A. Wood
1956: Melvin Cohn
1957: Henry Koffler
1958: Wilbur W. Ackerman
1959: Charles Yanofsky
1960: Wallace P. Rowe
1961: Harry Rubin
1962: Norton D. Zinder
1963: John J. Holland
1964: Matthew Meselson
1965: Karl G. Lark
1966: Frederick S. Neidhardt
1967: Brian J. McCarthy
1968: John J. Cebra
1969: David Schlessinger
1970: Jonathan Beckwith
1971: David Baltimore
1972: R. John Collier
1973: Leland H. Hartwell
1974: Joseph R. Kates
1975: G. Wesley Hatfield (also includes nomination material for Richard Losick)
1976: Ronald W. Davis
1977: Alice S. Huang
1978: David Botstein
1979: Winston J. Brill
1980: Edward M. Scolnick
1981: Tom Maniatis
1982: Thomas E. Shenk
1983: Ira Herskowitz
1984: Linda L. Randall
1985: Martha M. Howe
1986: Mark M. Davis
1987: Randy W. Schekman
1988: Elizabeth H. Blackburn
1989: Steven C. McKnight
1990: Kevin Struhl
1991: John J. Mekalanos
1992: Vincent R. Racaniello
1993: Ralph Isberg
1994: David H. Beach
1995: John J. Monaco
1996: Daniel A. Portnoy
1997: Alan D. Grossman
1998: Scott J. Hultgren
1999: John A. T. Young
2000: Gisela Storz
2001: Tania A. Baker
2002: Andrew Camilli
2003: Angelika Amon

W. New Brunswick Lecturer 1965-1989; President's Forum 1990-
see also Honors Committee, 7-IIG; papers of Harlyn Halvorson: Series 5: PSAB, Committees Lists of Lecturers, recommendation for lectureship, 1972?; correspondence, 1980, 1989-92 Files containing miscellaneous correspondence, text of lectures, clippings, 1968-

[1965: J.G. Harrar]
[1966: Lord Adrian]
[1967: Norman Cousins]
1968: Lord Ritchie-Calder
1969: George W. Beadle
[1970: Norris Cotton]
[1971: Mary Bunting]
[1972: Emilio Daddario]
1973: Philip Handler
1974: Max Tishler
1975: Jacob Javits: speech cancelled
[1976: Dewitt Stetten]
1977: Philip H. Abelson
1978: Gerard Piel
[1979: Daniel S. Greenberg]
[1980: Bruce Ames]
1981: Charles McC. Mathias
[1982: George A. Keyworth]
1983: C.D. Cox
1984: Franklin M. Loew
[1985: Howard A. Schneiderman]
see papers of Harlyn Halvorson: Series 5: PSAB
[1986: Lowell P. Weicker]
See papers of Harlyn Halvorson: Series 5: PSAB
1987: James O. Mason
[1988: Ruth Kirchstein]
[1989: James B. Wyngaarden]
President's Forum:
[1990: "1990 Scientific Integrity: Two Perspectives." Suzanne W. Hadley, Bernard Davis]
[1991: The Human Genome Project." James D. Watson, Nancy Wexler]
[1992: "Biological Warfare: An Old Problem -- Future Concerns." David L. Huxsoll, Matthew Meselson, Nancy Connell]
[1993: "Funding Science: How to Slice the Pie." John Diggs, Abraham L. Sonenshein, Leroy Hood]
3) President's Forum: Clippings from ASM News , 1990-

X. Ortho/McNeil Predoctoral Minority Fellowship Award letter to 1992 Recipient, Dawn Bell

Y. Predoctoral Minority Fellowships 1980 Letter from Mary Sanchez Lanier, Fellow, 1984

[Z. Predoctoral Minority Supplemental Fellowships 1992-93]

[1992-93: Judith Campbell-Washington; Joseph Eifert; Barry McNamara; Roberto Rodriguez]

AA. President's Fellowship (See also H. Orin Halvorson Papers, Series 3, Folder 6) Reports to Council, 1960-78, 1982, 1985; announcements of fellowship, n.d., 1969. Report of committee appointed to consider grant from Difco Laboratories and related correspondence of Robert W. Starkey, Chariman, 1955 Correspondence of Johns Hays Bailey, Secretary of SAB, on grant from Difco Laboratories, 1954-57 Correspondence of John Hays Bailey on fellows reporting in 1956, 1956-57 Correspondence of E. M. Foster, Secretary of SAB/ASM,1958-60 Correspondence of E. M. Foster on fellows reporting in 1957 and 1958, 1957-59 Correspondence of E. M. Foster on fellows reporting in 1959, 1957-59 Correspondence of E. M. Foster on fellows reporting in 1960 and 1961, 1960-61 Clippings from SAB Newsletter/ASM News, 1955-74

BB. Proctor and Gamble Award in Applied and Environmental Microbiology 1993 (began as Fisher Scientific Company Award in Applied and Environmental Microbiology,1977; became ASM Award in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 1991) Correspondence of Morris F. Shaffer and correspondence submitted to Council on establishment of award, 1975; reports of Fisher Award Committee to Council, 1976-83 Award recipients, 1977- folders may contain nomination packets, letter to recipient announcing award, CV/bibliography, clippings

1977: David Gottlieb
1978: Moshe Shilo
1979: David Perlman
1980: Martin Alexander
1981: William Sandine
1982: Holger W. Jannasch
1983: John H. Brewer
1984: Thomas D. Brock
1985: Rita R. Colwell
1986: Marvin P. Bryant
1987: Larry Lee McKay
1988: Richard Y. Morita
[1989: NO AWARD (?)]
[1990: Guenther Stotsky]
1991: Ronald M. Atlas
1992: James M. Tiedje
1993: David C. White
1994: Gary S. Sayler
1995: Ananda Chakrabarty
1996: Norman R. Pace
1997: David T. Gibson
1998: E. Imre Friedmann
1999: Ralph S. Wolfe
2000: Steven E. Lindow
2001: Gill G. Geesey
2002: Lily Young
2003: Kenneth H. Nealson, Eugene Rosenberg

CC. Raymond W. Sarber Awards 1984 List of 1990 winners; letters, abstract pages, lists for 1993 winners Award recipients:

1984: Joanna B. Goldberg, Colleen M. Cavanaugh, Russell Brierly, Craig Dees
1985: Thomas Dooley, William R. Jacobs, James P. Petzel
1986: David R. Blanco, Jane C. Suen, Darren Abbanat, Susan M. Henry, David
1987: Daniel J. Wozniak, Uma Kuruganti, Amy C. Robinson, Mark Dodson,
Lisa A. Terrett, Donald E. Connor
1988: Dennis Macejak, Joseph Major, Chester R. Cooper, Jr., Jeff Tosk, Mark
1989: Scott B. Snapper, Bart Sak, Serita D. Frey, Ali Fattaey, Ana Gomez
1990: Jennifer Morrow Burstain, Todd Pihl, Myra D. Hughes, Ramona Lloyd-
Italia, Caroline M. Percopo
1991: Lucia Cardenas, Brenda Jones, Karl Klose, Kunal Saha, Christopher D.
1992: S.C.K. Yiu, Christine C. Gincocchio, Hon-Ming Lam, Ping Wang, Ling-
Fang Tseng
1993: Anthony Ferraro, Mark Marvin, Jennifer Quinlan, Beth Harville
1994: Darren E. Higgins, Kyo-Ho Lee, Jerry W. Nash, Shuchong Pan, Sol M.
1995: Scott E. Bucklin Beth E. Pitonzo, Susan A. Zullo
1996: Betty Guo, Ellen S. Shang, James A. Zahn
[1997: Mervyn de Souza, Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Jing-Ren Zhang]
1998: Kirkwood M. Land; Anuradha Rebbapragada
2000: Brett Wilson Carter; Daniele Provenzano
2001: Stephen Y. Chan
2002: No award
2003: Michelle A. McMichael, Sara M. Vetter

DD. Scherago-Rubin Award 1987 Winners

[1987: Linda Gutherz]
[1988: Dr. Mike Kowalczyk
[1989: Pamela M. Hulme]
1990: Sheryl Johnston
[1992: Elena Prevost Smith]
[1993: Patricia Gill
[1994: Paulette G. Hammond
1996: Steve D. Ewers
1997: Peter C. Iwen
1998: Sherry Lee Gamble
1999: Mitzi R. Norris; G. V. (Sonny) Montgomery
2000: Harold J. Cannon, Jr.
2001: Carolyn K. Wallis
2002: Patricia Cernoch
2003: Ernest Kent Korgenski

[EE. Scientists-Educator Team Program 1992]

FF. Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program List of awardees for 1995-96; student and mentor evaluations for 1994; memoranda, guidelines, 1996

GG. U.S. Federation for Culture Collections J. Roger Porter Award 1982
Miscellaneous Correspondence concerning establishment of Award, 1981; reports to council, 1982-86; list of winners, lecture titles, announcements from
ASM News Recipients, 1982- -- folder contains nomination packets, letters to recipient announcing award, clippings

1982: Joseph G. Tully
1983: Ruth Gordon
1984: Herman J. Phaff
1985: John G. Holt
1986: Barbara J. Bachman
1987: R.G.E. Murray
1988: W.E.C. Moore
1989: Richard Starr
1990: Cletus P. Kurtzman
1991: Lawrence G. Wayne
1992: Mary P. Lechevalier
1993: Alma Dietz
1994: John O. Corliss
1995: Robert E. Weaver
1996: Noel R. Krieg
1997: Shung-Chang Jong
1998: Michael Goodfellow
1999: Wolfgang Ludwig
2000: Phyllis W. Pienta
2001: Robert A. Samson
2002: Erko Stackebrandt
2003: Gary J. Olsen

HH. Vector Laboratories Young Investigator Award List of winners, 1990; letters to winners, abstract pages, 1993 Award recipients:

1989: Jeffrey Weiser, Jim Curran, Daniel B. Wacks, Lin Wei-Yu, Thomas F. Patterson
1990: Kiran M. Khandke, Edward DeLong, Michael Sadowsky, Gary P. Leonardi, Kelly Hughes
1991: Merja Manninen, Dorothy Pierson, James D. Siebert
1992: Sukumar Pal, David Golden, Heidi Kaplan, Kunal Saha
1993: Michael Heaton, John Helmann, Pati Glee, Paul Corstjens, Christine Litwin
1994: J.M. Brint, Cindy Friedman, Jerry A. Grandoni, Bruno Lina Timothy Palzkill, Jesus L. Romalde
1995: Karl E. Klose; Joan R. Butterton
1996: Pamela Gayle Jones, William Schwan
1998: Albert Haas
1999: Athena P. Kourtis
2000: Ramakrishnan Srikumar


JJ. Wellcome Visiting Professorship in Microbiology 1981 Folders for each year may contain proposal letter, CV, bibliography, summary/critique of visit

[1981-82: John A. Washington II; Bernie Fields; Jimmy E. Cutler]
[1982-83: Don B. Clewell; Seymour J. Klebanoff; Ethan R. Signer]
1983-84: Eugene W. Nester; David Botstein; Thomas C. Merigan
1984-85: David White; Emil Gotschlich; James Moulder
1985-86: John H. Cross; Frederick Neidhardt; Libero Ajello
[1986-87: Maurice Green; Stanley Falkow; Edgar Hanna]
1987-88: Bernard Moss; Ronald H. Kaback; Hilary Koprowski; Larry O.
Arthur; Irving P. Crawford
[1988-89: Paul S. Cohen; Noel R. Rose]
1989-90: Thomas J. Silhavy; Fred Rapp; Charles A. Alford; Harvey
Lodish; Ferdinando Dianzani
[1990-91: Thomas W. Huber; A.M. Chakrabarty; Erik De Clercq; Ruth S.
Nussenzweig; Zdnek Karel]
1991-92: Ruth Arnon; Sydney Kustu; Emmett B. Shotts; Vincent Fischetti; Jack L. Strominger
[1992-93: Irvin Chen; Peter Elsbach; Glenn D. Roberts; Charles Yanofsky; Arnold J. Levine]
1993-94: George Hill; Wilhelmus Konings; Russell Johnson; William H.
Bowen; Arieh Saritsky
1994-95: Alison D. O'Brien; Russell F. Doolittle; Edward Bottone; H
Herman Friedman; Pattisapu Gangadharam
1995-96: Robert G. Webster; Janice E. Clements; Philippe J. Sansonetti;
Sharon R. Long; Peter J.F. Henderson
1996-97: Kenneth Reid; Alexander McPherson; Staffan Normark; J. Michael Bishop; Gail Cassell

KK. Wyeth Award (1975-77)
Correspondence of Morris F. Shaffer, 1972-75; report to Council of Wyeth Award Committee, 1976; clippings from ASM News Winners:

1975: William H. Ewing
1976: Edwin H. Lennette
1977: Erwin Neter

LL. Abbott-ASM Lifetime Achievement Award (1995) Nomination Packets

1995: Julius Adler
1996: Ralph S. Wolfe
1997: Armin Dale Kaiser
1998: Charles Yanofsky
1999: Jonathan W. Uhr
2000: Boris Magasanik
2001: Bruce N. Ames
2002: Masayasu Nomura
2003: Stanley Falkow

MM. ASM Public Communications Award (1995). Administered by Public Communications Committee Memo concerning establishment of award,

1995 Award Folders
1996: David Baron (also runner-up, Elizabeth Pennisi)

NN. Alice Evans Award (1983). Copy of citation for award Winners

[1983: Frederick C. Neidhardt]
[1984: NO AWARD]
[1985: Loretta Lieve]
[1986: Elixabeth M. O'Hern]
[1987: NO AWARD]
[1988: Rita R. Colwell]
[1989: Viola Mae Young-Horvath]
[1990: Margaret Pittman]
[1991: NO AWARD]
[1992: Ruth Gordon]
[1993: Lorraine Friedman]
[1994: Barbara Iglewski
[1995: NO AWARD]
1996: Jean Brenchley
1997: Ellen Jo Baron
1998: Arnold L. Demain
1999: Ruth T. Kirschstein
2000: Anne Morris Hooke
2001: Alice Huang
2002: Marlene Belfort
2003: Eva Ruth Kashket

OO. Minority Undergraduate Research Fellowship (Administered by BET) memo to recipients, guidelines, 1996

PP. Morrison Rogosa Award Winners

1996: Tatyana A. Voeykova, Nadia Nacescu
1997: Elisabeth Nagy, Gayane Martirosan
1998: Daniela Kotulova, Vanya Miteva
1999: Ines Mandic-Mulec, Elena P. Ivanova
2000: Jolanta Zakrzewska-Czerwinska; Nina Chanishvili

QQ. William A. Hinton Research Training Award (1998)

1998: Luther S. Williams
1999: Thoyd Melton
2000: Julius H. Jackson
2001: Helen Buckley
2002: Michael F. Summers
2003: Henry N. Williams

RR. Graduate Microbiology Teaching Award (1998)

1998: Robert J. Kadner
1999: John Breznak
2000: Stephen J. Mattingly
2001: James Gregory Ferry
2002: Thomas J. Silhavy
2003: Paul W. Ludden

SS. Sigal Young Investigator Award (1998)

1998: Christoph P. Aebi, Yoshitsugu Miyazaki
1999: Mihai Netea, Anna Norrby-Teglund
2000: Marc Bonten, David Paterson