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See also VI. Treasurers and Finances.


The Archives includes donated correspondence of the following Secretary-Treasurers and Secretaries: Ira L. Baldwin (1935-42), Leland W. Parr (1945-49), John E. Blair (1949-51), Henry W. Scherp (1951-53), John Hays Bailey (1953-57), E. M. Foster (1957-61), Philipp Gerhardt(1961-67), and Donald E. Shay (1967-74). This material has been filed by Previous archivists by Society function.


A.    Reports and General

      1. List of Secretary-treasurers of SAB/ASM
      2. Reports to Council and CPC, 1970-74
      3. Clippings including Reports to Council, 1935-56
      4. Requests to Committee Chairmen for Annual Reports, 1961-80


B.    Correspondence of the Secretary-Treasurer -- Much of the correspondence consists of duplicated letters to members of Council and CPC.

      1. Reports and memoranda of A. Parker Hitchens, 1916-22
      2. Correspondence, memoranda of Ira L. Baldwin, 1935-39
      3. Miscellaneous correspondence of Ira L. Baldwin and J.M. Sherman with Council, 1934-1941
      4. Correspondence, reports to Council of W. B Sarles, W.C. Frazier, and Leland W. Parr, 1942-48
      5. [DELETED]
      6. Correspondence of W.C. Frazier, 1943-44 -- includes minutes and reports to Council, 1943
      7. Correspondence of W.C. Frazier and Leland W. Parr, 1944-46 (file of L.S. McClung)
      8. Correspondence of Leland W. Parr with Council, 1944-48 -- includes reports of committees to Council, 1947, and report of Secretary 1947, 1948.
      9. Correspondence of Leland W. Parr (duplicate set), 1946-48
      10. Correspondence of Leland W. Parr, 1947-49 (file of L.S. McClung)
      11. Miscellaneous correspondence of Leland W. Parr, 1946-49
      12. Notes of L.W. Parr on membership, meetings, committees, appointments, etc., 1946-48
      13. Correspondence of John E. Blair and Henry W. Scherp, 1949-52
      14. Miscellaneous correspondence of John E. Blair, 1949-50
      15. Correspondence of Henry W. Scherp, primarily with President and Council, 1950-53.
      16. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey with Council and CPC, 1952-55
      17. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey concerning Council and CPC, 1952-59
      18. Folders 18 and 18A:
        • Folder 18: Correspondence of E.M. Foster with Council and CPC, 1957-61.
        • Folder 18A: Memos of E.M. Foster to Council & CPC, 1957-60. (File of L.S. McClung)
      19. Correspondence of E.M. Foster with Spohn, Ross, Stevens and Pick, attorneys, concerning tax status and other matters, 1958-60
      20. Folders 20 and 20.1:
        • Folder 20: Correspondence of E.M. Foster with F.C. Harwood, Business Manager of Waverly Press, 1957
        • Folder 20.1: Miscellaneous correspondence of E.M. Foster, 1957-61
      21. Printed letters of E.M. Foster to membership of SAB, 1960
      22. Miscellaneous memoranda of J.M. Joseph, 1977-81
      23. Miscellaneous correspondence of Barbara Lago, 1984-88
      24. Correspondence of Barbara Lago concerning new division: Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology -- includes signed petitions, 1983-84
      25. Correspondence of Barbara Lago concerning new division: Medical Immunology, 1984-85
      26. Correspondence of Barbara Lago concerning Alaska branch, 1983-84