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New Gene Identified for Antiviral Activity, Journal of Virology, November 2005
New Study Suggests Human Papillomavirus Could be Spread Through Blood, Journal of Clinical Microbiology, November 2005
Gene Identified in Espstein-Barr Virus that May Contribute to Cancer, Journal of Virology, November 2005

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Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria of Animal Origin, Editor: Frank M. Aarestrup, Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research, Copenhagen, Denmark. Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria of Animal Origin comprehensively examines the current research on antimicrobial resistance in the main veterinary and zoonotic pathogens, including resistance to disinfectants and metals used in agriculture. Providing a broad overview from a global perspective, this new volume is an important reference for students, researchers, public health experts, veterinarians, and anyone with an interest in resistant bacteria in animals.