What Microbe Are You?

What Microbe Are You? at NABT 2013

"What Microbe Are You?" was prominently featured at the ASM booth at NABT 2013. Visitors took the "What Microbe Are You?" quiz at the booth, and once they figured out their "microbe personality" they were given a cooresponding trading card with a picture of their matching microbe and its characteristics.



To download the trading cards, click here.

This online “personality quiz” helps young learners understand the unconventional concept that most micro-organisms are beneficial; only a fraction are harmful. This activity matches the quiz-taker with the microbe that most closely reflects his or her personality. At the end of the quiz, students are assigned to their microbial matches, and the microbes are given fun code names to circumvent the challenge of pronouncing the microbes' scientific names. Teachers can include this activity as a fun way to begin or end a unit on life sciences.

Intended Audience
Grades K-8

Learning Objectives
At the completion of this activity, each learner will be able to:
1. Appreciate the vast abundance and diversity of marine microbes.
2. Understand that most microbes are not harmful.

Necessary Student Background
This activity requires that students be comfortable using a computer and navigating through websites.

Diversity, identification, marine bacteria, microbiology

Print a PDF of this activity
What Microbe Are You? (11 pages)

upplemental Materials
What Microbe are You? trading cards (best if printed on Avery 5392 name badge inserts -- 3 in x 2 in)