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The Speakers Bureau features microbiologists and immunologists in the clinical laboratory and industry, including biosafety, food, medical device, and pharmaceuticals, who are eager to talk to you about their dynamic careers in microbiology. You can hear first-hand from speakers who have contributed to microbiome projects and Bartonella studies and chat with outbreak responders about curious cases!

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Last name First name Scientific Specialty Employer's state Who is your primary employer? Highest degree
Alby Kevin Clinical microbiology or immunology Pennsylvania Hospital/Clinic PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Arcenas Rodney Clinical microbiology or immunology Florida Other PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Babady Esther Clinical microbiology or immunology New York Hospital/Clinic PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Ball Anthony Biosafety Massachusetts Other Bachelors (BA or AB or BS)
Ball Rebecca Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Kansas Medical Diagnostics Bachelors (BA or AB or BS)
BANNANTINE JOHN Other Iowa Agricultural/Veterinary PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Bartkus Joanne Public Health Minnesota Agricultural/Veterinary PhD
BECHANKO ROBIN Public Health Michigan Other MS
Bohn Sherry Biosafety Maryland Agricultural/Veterinary PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Bonheyo George Other Washington Agricultural/Veterinary PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Burd Eileen Clinical microbiology or immunology Georgia Hospital/Clinic PhD
CAMPBELL MARK Biosafety Missouri College/University PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Cannons Andrew Public Health Florida Agricultural/Veterinary PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Capraro Gerald Clinical microbiology or immunology Louisiana Hospital/Clinic PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Childress Nona Quality Assurance/Quality Control California Private Practice Other
Couturier Marc Clinical microbiology or immunology Utah Reference Laboratory PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
COX PATRICIA Other Mississippi College/University PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Culbreath Karissa Clinical microbiology or immunology New Mexico Diagnostic Laboratory PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Czarnecki Deborah Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals/Consumer Products Wisconsin Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals/Consumer Products Bachelors (BA or AB or BS)
Das Sanchita Public Health Illinois Research/Development MD (Doctor of Medicine)