Speakers' Bureau Directory: Babady

Esther Babady
Degree: PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Employer: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York  10065


Primary Employer: Hospital/Clinic; Other N/A
Scientific Specialty: Clinical microbiology or immunology; Other N/A
Job Title: Assistant Director, Clinical Microbiology Service
Years in position: 4
Presentation Type: N/A
Video Call Type:N/A
Day to day responsibilities:
As a clinical microbiologist, my day to day responsibilities vary but generally fall under three areas: Patient care, Research and Medical education.
Patient care: Along with the laboratory director, my responsibilities are to oversee the daily operations of the laboratory and ensure the overall quality and accuracy of patients’ results we generate. I consult with physicians on appropriate testing requests as well as interpretations of results for diagnosis of patients with infectious diseases. I am responsible for the technical and scientific oversight of the laboratory and set the vision for the direction of the laboratory by establishing short-term and long-term goals. I also have administrative duties including budget preparation and staffing needs planning.
Research: My primary research interests are in the development and evaluation of molecular diagnostics assays for the sensitive and rapid detection of pathogens. Secondarily, I’m interested in long term studies that determine the impact of novel technologies on patient outcomes and hospital practices such as infection control.
Medical education: I coordinate and oversee the education of infectious diseases and molecular genetic pathology fellows, the continuing education of medical technologists and the summer experience of a variety of students ranging from high school students to medical students. I enjoy introducing clinical microbiology concepts to young students and re-introducing learned and new concepts to medical technologists and post-doctoral fellows.

Depending on the time of the year, my day may be heavy on administrative duties (i.e. budget preparation), or heavy on medical education (i.e. new incoming fellows) or heavy on research (new test validation). However, every day we care for our patients by providing accurate and timely test results and through our interactions with the physicians who directly care for them.

What do you love about your job?
That every day is different and that the work we do directly impact patient care

Degrees, experience, license(s), and skills required for position:
Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences
Post doctoral fellowship in Medical and Public Health Microbiology
Diplomate, American Board of Medical Microbiology

Tips/Advice for how to secure a job in microbiology upon graduation:
Talk to people in your field, be passionate and be prepared.