Speakers' Bureau Directory: Grys

Tom Grys
Degree: PhD
Employer: Mayo Clinic in Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona  85054


Primary Employer: Hospital/Clinic; Other N/A
Scientific Specialty: Clinical microbiology or immunology; Other N/A
Job Title: Director of Microbiology and Infectious Disease Serology
Years in position: 2
Presentation Type: N/A
Video Call Type:N/A
Day to day responsibilities:
Consult with clinicians regarding their micro results or which test to order, work with the test builds in our lab information system and the electronic medical records, new test selection and validation, mentor residents & techs.

What do you love about your job?
I get to help patients in a very real way. I get to work in a stellar team of lab individuals. I work closely with Infectious Disease docs and pharmacists. I like to think about systems and data. The systems thinking is good when you consider all of the software & logistics involved in a hospital now. I also have a basic research collaboration with ASU.

Degrees, experience, license(s), and skills required for position:
PhD in Microbiology, 2-year clinical microbiology fellowship, passed certification test to become a Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Microbiology – D(ABMM).

Tips/Advice for how to secure a job in microbiology upon graduation:
It is helpful to look into a lab science program as soon as you are interested. Then you can get the training. It is difficult to get a job in a clinical laboratory without being a Medical Technologist. To be a laboratory director, it’s again important to start looking at the few (10-12) programs 1-2 years before finishing your PhD. The interviews are often 6-12 months ahead of the fellowship start dates. Talk to your local lab director, pathologist, and infectious disease docs to get a feeling for what the job entails.