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The Speakers Bureau features microbiologists and immunologists in the clinical laboratory and industry, including biosafety, food, medical device, and pharmaceuticals, who are eager to talk to you about their dynamic careers in microbiology. You can hear first-hand from speakers who have contributed to microbiome projects and Bartonella studies and chat with outbreak responders about curious cases!

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Last name First name Scientific Specialty Employer's state Who is your primary employer? Highest degree
Headley Erin Food/Dairy/Beverage Wisconsin Food/Dairy/Beverage Masters (MA or MS)
HODINKA RICHARD Clinical microbiology or immunology South Carolina College/University PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Hollaway Rita Clinical microbiology or immunology Texas College/University PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Horvat Rebecca Clinical microbiology or immunology Kansas Diagnostic Laboratory Ph.D.
Hymes Matthew Other Michigan Other MS, MBA
Ismail Nahed Clinical microbiology or immunology Pennsylvania Hospital/Clinic PhD
Istafanos Philip Food/Dairy New York Agricultural/Veterinary DVM, MS
Justi Chris Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Pennsylvania Other B.S. in Biology
KAMBOJ KAMAL Quality Assurance/Quality Control Ohio Hospital/Clinic PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Kirby James Clinical microbiology or immunology Massachusetts Hospital/Clinic MD (Doctor of Medicine)
Komoto Yasuyoshi Other Illinois Food Masters (MA or MS)
LaCroix Steven Public Health Washington Agricultural/Veterinary Masters (MA or MS)
Ledeboer Nathan Clinical microbiology or immunology Wisconsin College/University PhD
Liu Lixia Public Health Indiana Agricultural/Veterinary PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Livesay Hannah Clinical microbiology or immunology Texas Reference Laboratory Bachelors
Lockhart Shawn Public Health Georgia Agricultural/Veterinary PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
MANGAN DENNIS Other California Other PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
Marlowe Elizabeth Clinical microbiology or immunology California Reference Laboratory PhD
Martin Katherine Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Texas Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals Bachelors (BA or AB or BS)
Meyer William Clinical microbiology or immunology Maryland Diagnostic Laboratory PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)