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ASM Attends UN General Assembly

ASM President, Susan Sharp, Ph.D., joined global leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in New York today in a historical meeting to focus on the commitment to fight AMR.

UN General Assembly Focuses on AMR

Leaders at the UN General Assembly draft a plan for coordinated, cross-cutting efforts to improve the current state of AMR.

Superbugs are a 'Fundamental Threat'

If antibiotics were telephones, we would still be calling each other using clunky rotary dials and copper lines," Stefano Bertuzzi, CEO of ASM, told NBC News.
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Antibacterial Development Conference

Throughout the year, the American Society for Microbiology hosts live sessions focusing on different skills necessary for succeeding in science and captured for broadcasting. The content for ASM Webinars

  • come from many sources such as ASM conferences, meetings and professional development institutes
  • cover topics to develop one’s skillset in science
  • are directed to science trainees (students, fellows and early career scientists), educators, clinical practitioners, future faculty, faculty and research scientists

Here, you may view both previous and upcoming webinars.


Preparing Curriculum Activities for Publication in the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) - Jean Cardinale, Alfred University
Directed to microbiology and biology educators, this webinar provides a tutorial on how to submit a successful Curriculum article to the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education.

Preparing Abstracts for ASMCUE -
 Min-Ken Liao, Furman University

Directed to microbiology educators, this webinar provides practical advice for preparing an abstract for the annual ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators

MicrobeLibrary – What’s In It for You? - E. Suchman, Colorado State University

Directed to microbiology educators, faculty and future faculty, this webinar provides tips on using resources from ASM Sponsored MicrobeLibrary Digital Resources

Backward Design - S. Benson, University of Maryland, College Park
Directed to microbiology educators, faculty and future faculty, this webinar describes a proven approach to teaching microbiology

Guidelines for Becoming an ABRCMS Judge - ABRCMS Team, ASM

Directed to STEM research scientists who are interested in becoming a judge of undergraduate student presenters at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students


Scientific Writing and Publishing - L. Daniels, University of Mississippi
Directed to microbiology trainees, this webinar describes the nuts and bolts of writing and publishing scientific papers and includes eight sessions from preparing the abstract, title and introduction to handling data, creating figures and tables and preparing conclusions.