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Members of the microbiology community have volunteered to be a part of a unique resource for K-16 students and teachers – the Science Education Network (SEN).  These microbiology professionals and advocates volunteer their time to participate in national and local events such as festivals, science days, career fairs and science fairs. They mentor students and teachers in elementary, middle and high school and undergraduate colleges and universities.  As science experts, they evaluate resources for teaching and learning, and student applications for travel grants, research and teaching fellowships.  Interested in helping out? Hurry up and join now! 

Scientists Helping Out in the K-12 Classroom   
The ASM Committee on K-12 Outreach provides practical tips and resources to help scientists participate more fully with youth groups, community organizations and classroom teachers and students in kindergarten through high school (K-12).  Scientists share their understanding and passion of the microbiological sciences with others in the community.

To request career posters and brochures to take with you on your visit, send an email to education@asmusa.org. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it be sure to include your mailing address, date(s) of your visit, and age of the youth.   

Scientists Reviewing Educational Resources  
ASM provides peer-reviewed educational resources including visual and multimedia programs, classroom activities for K-16 education, teaching tips and tools, laboratory protocols, and scholarly papers.  The ASM provides reviews of books and multimedia programs commenting on scientific accuracy, instructional use and appropriateness in science teaching and learning.   The ASM recommends resources for graduate students and post-doctoral scientists in developing professional skills such as grantwriting, publishing, teaching and career planning.  All reviews are conducted by members of the microbiology community, at their convenience and without leaving the office.  Selection criteria and guidelines for preparing reviews are provided.    Sign up with the Science Education Network to volunteer to review.  Check out the resources:

Scientists Reviewing Travel Grants and Fellowships 
Prospective reviewers are selected for their scientific expertise, training experience and commitment to excellence in education. Applications are reviewed throughout the year.  If you would like to review the ASM fellowships, sign up for the Science Education Network.  Check out the ASM Fellowship under the student and postdoctoral scientists programs.