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Administering Anthrax Vaccinations, p. 107
Mobile Lab Provided Flexibility for Testing Suspected B. anthracis, p. 117
Kaleidoscopic Developments on Multiple Vaccine Fronts, p. 118
From Infection to Autoimmunity:  the Adjuvant Effect, p. 132 

ASM Announces New Web-Based Audioconferences
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Individuals who register for ASM audioconferences will now have unlimited access to the program online, for a two week period.  Programs will become available approximately two weeks after the initial teleconference.  Continuing Education credit may be earned for each session. 

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"Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA, Third Edition," is a completely revised, updated, and expanded edition which covers the underlying scientific principles and deals extensively with the many industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and biomedical applications of recombinant DNA technology.