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ASM supports bio-science in Malaysia in partnership with local organizations. Collaborative workshops have been held on both clinical and professional development topics. Continued initiatives will foster best practices for control of emerging infectious disease, sustainable knowledge exchange, human resource capacity and internal expertise throughout 2013-2014.


Sister Society Events: 2015 International Congress of the Malaysian Society for Microbiology (ICMSM2015)

MSM's bi-annual international congress will take place 7-10 December 2015 in Penang, Malaysia; the deadline for abstract submission is 31 August. The theme for this year's meeting is "Microbiology Meeting the Needs of a Changing World". The meeting will address a wide range of issues in science relevant to both regional and international audiences. ICMSM2015 provides an opportunity to enhance research and innovations through networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration. For more information visit

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Photos by Asyraaf Azahari, Yousif Al-Homoudi