Nigeria carries the heaviest burden of HIV in Africa with a high burden of TB HIV co-infection. Nigeria has a higher malaria mortality rate than any other in the world, and is one of only three countries worldwide where transmission of the wild polio virus has never been interrupted. With the heavy burden of HIV, TB, malaria, polio, enteric and diarrheal disease, there is a significant impact on the overall mortality and morbidity and a growing need for quality and effective laboratory diagnostics. ASM works in collaboration with local partners to strengthen laboratory programs across the country.


LabCap in Nigeria

Program Areas

  • TB
  • Clinical Microbiology


Success Stories

ASM-supported Lab in Nigeria Achieved 5-Stars in Process towards Laboratory Accreditation

The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) is a key component of the Nigeria Network for TB and serves as a model for labs across Africa. The NIMR TB Reference laboratory, supported by ASM since 2009, went from zero to five stars using Stepwise Laboratory Improvement Process Towards Accreditation (SLIPTA) and Strengthening Laboratory Management Towards Accreditation (SLMTA) tools and processes. The laboratory, one of only a handful in Africa to attain five stars, was mentored through the process entirely by ASM during the past two and a half years. ASM has now expanded the mentoring program to cover additional three regional TB Reference laboratories and three clinical microbiology laboratories across Abuja, Calabar, Ibadan, Lagos, Makurdi, and Zaria.


BioResource Center

University of Lagos ASM Bioresource Center

Address: Department of Microbiology - Faculty of Science, University of Lagos, University Road,  Lagos, Nigeria


Ambassadors to Nigeria

Country Ambassador

Ifeoma Enweani - Nigeria

Young Ambassador

Samuel Eziuzor-Nigeria update