About the Academy

Over the last 50 years, over 2,500 distinguished scientists have been elected to The American Academy of Microbiology (Academy). The Academy is the honorific leadership group within the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), the world's oldest and largest life science organization. The mission of the Academy is to recognize scientists for outstanding contributions to microbiology and provide microbiological expertise in the service of science and the public. It fulfills its mission by election to Fellowship in the Academy, convening colloquia and oversight of ASM’s Awards Program. Explore the Academy Colloquia Archive.

ASM News

American Academy of Microbiology Elects 109 New Fellows for 2019

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ASM and Academy 2018 Mediation Summary

2019 Award Laureates

The American Academy of Microbiology is pleased to recognize the 2019 Award Laureates honored at ASM Microbe 2019.

Academy Fellowship Dues

Support the Academy with your Annual dues. Questions? Email academy@asmusa.org for more information.

Academy Dues Structure
The Governors of the Academy have established a structure that provides joint Academy and ASM membership starting in membership year 2020.  Please refer to the benefits table to decide which membership type is right for you.

* Fellows who currently hold a Lifetime or Emeritus Academy membership and abide by the ASM’s Code of Ethics will continue receiving all of the Academy’s benefits.

Answers to commonly-asked questions are available here.  For inquiries not addressed by this FAQ, please email service@asmusa.org.


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ASM Awards

The Academy manages ASM’s awards program.

16 awards honor leaders in the microbial sciences who are recognized and nominated by their peers. 



mBio® is published in association with the American Academy of Microbiology. Academy Fellows also are entitled to submit manuscripts via a special, accelerated submission path, with one published manuscript allowed per calendar year.  Additionally, Academy Fellows work with Editor-in-Chief Arturo Casadevall by serving as editors and reviewers for manuscripts submitted in their areas of expertise.