American Academy of Microbiology Fellowship Nomination Process

Nov. 14, 2019

To put forward a candidate for Fellowship in the Academy, the primary nominator and 2 supporting nominators must be Academy Fellows in good standing. Fellows may serve as a primary nominator for a maximum of 2 fellowship nominations per cycle and as a supporting nominator for a maximum of 2 supporting nominations per cycle.
Of the 3 nominators for a candidate, no more than 1 may be from the same work group at the nominee's primary place of employment.
The nomination packet consists of:
  • 1 primary nomination form.
  • 2 supporting nomination statements.
  • A list of the candidate’s 10 most significant publications, including complete citation and brief annotation of each publication indicating the significance of the publication and the unique contribution made by the nominee.
Exceptions to any of the above requirements will be considered by the Subcommittee on Elections upon petition of 5 Academy Fellows in the area of specialization of the nominee.