Make Mentoring Work in Your Classroom or Lab

Jan. 10, 2017

January is National Mentoring Month. Mentoring helps students, beginning researchers, and early-career faculty persist and succeed in science. Below are some open-access, peer-reviewed resources from the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education (JMBE) to help infuse more mentoring into your classroom or lab.  

Helpful Resources for Mentoring Novice Researchers

M. Trujillo; Level: Undergraduate, Graduate, Early Career

Two resources for mentoring laboratory students and/or early career researchers are reviewed for their relevance and efficacy.  

Comparing the Impact of Course-Based and Apprentice-Based Research Experiences in a Life Science Laboratory Curriculum

C. Shapiro et al.; Level: Undergraduate

A research-based curriculum benefits all students; those participating in team-based research had similar learning gains to those participating in individually mentored research.

Professional Practices in Undergraduate Research Programs

J. M. Seeling and M. Choudhary; Level: Undergraduate

Guidelines for faculty who are mentoring undergraduate researchers.

Beyond Responsible Conduct: Taking Responsibility For The Responsible Conduct Of Others

R. McGee et al.; Level: Postdoctoral and Early Career

Resources for mentoring those just starting out in their own labs on the responsible conduct of research.

Author: Bethany Adamec

Bethany Adamec
Bethany Adamec is a Science Education Specialist at ASM, where she communicates about ASM’s work in student and faculty professional development, supports the ASM Education Board, and works with colleagues to promote evidence-based education reform.