Microbial Minutes: The Connections of Climate Change and Obesity with Microbes Edition

July 31, 2019

What's hot in the microbial sciences? ASM summarizes microbiology news and reports in Microbial Minutes, a weekly news roundup. Watch the YouTube session for summaries and major findings, and read the reports and news coverage for yourself below. What should we highlight next time? Leave a suggestion in our comments section!

Peterson C. et al. T Cell-mediated Regulation of the Microbiota Protects against Obesity. Science. July 26 2019.

Casadevall A, Kontoyiannis DP, and Robert V. On the Emergence of Candida auris: Climate Change, Azoles, Swamps, and Birds. mBio July 23 2019.

Author: Julie Wolf

Julie Wolf
Dr. Julie Wolf is a Science Communications Specialist for ASM and host of the Meet the Microbiologist podcast. She also runs workshops at ASM conferences to help scientists improve their own communication skills. Follow Julie on Twitter for more ASM and microbiology highlights at @JulieMarieWolf.