ASM Policy Development Process

July 26, 2019

ASM’s Policy Development Task Force wants to hear from YOU!

We invite you to weigh in by first viewing a short webinar that explains more about the policy development process. Then, we ask that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us through a survey about the draft principles. Still have some questions? Check out the FAQs

It is a new day for policy and advocacy at ASM. Thanks to the support of the Society’s Board of Directors, ASM is investing in its public policy and advocacy program. Policy development is the foundation of our program, because without internal alignment on what we stand for as a scientific society, we cannot advocate externally to key audiences.  The ASM Policy Development Task Force has drafted principles under six broad issue categories that will serve as the basis for policy and advocacy efforts of the Society. We can think of this almost like our “Constitution,” and these principles will serve as the foundational elements of ASM’s policy program, with action on specific policies tied back to them.
We need your input to ensure that this foundation is representative of our diverse membership and addresses the needs of the microbiology field now and into the future.  
Weighing in will ensure that these principles are aligned with the membership’s views. We want to be sure that the foundation of our policy and advocacy work is sound and reflects our Society. 
Following survey results, we will review the information, make necessary changes, and then the principles will be ready to move to the more formal approval process.

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Author: ASM Advocacy

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