ASM Attends Clinical Laboratory Partners Forum April Meeting

May 21, 2019

The Clinical Laboratory Partners Forum (CLPF) provides the opportunity for the CDC Division of Laboratory Systems and professional laboratory organizations to work together and share information relevant to clinical and public health laboratories, particularly issues related to the laboratory workforce, biosafety, patient safety, and  emerging needs of the laboratory community. The most recent meeting of CLPF took place April 25 and focused on new initiatives.

The Test Renaming for Understanding and Utilization Initiative (TRUU-Lab) is an effort to bring together healthcare providers, professional societies, and industry groups to address problems caused by ambiguous, incomplete, or non-standard laboratory test names. The ASM representative to TRUU-Lab is Paula Revell, Chair of the CPHMC Subcommittee on Laboratory Practices.

Also discussed was the Tri-Agency Task Force on Emergency Use Diagnostics, which was launched in February to help leverage the expertise of each agency to advance rapid development and deployment of diagnostic tests in clinical and public health laboratories during public health emergencies. The next meeting of the CLPF will be held September 10.