Jennifer Tsang

Jennifer Tsang is the science communications and marketing coordinator at Addgene and a freelance science writer. She has completed a Ph.D. in microbiology studying bacterial motility and studied antimicrobial resistance as a postdoctoral fellow. She writes for her own microbiology blog called The Microbial Menagerie. You can follow her on Twitter (@jw_tsang).

Latest from Jennifer Tsang

Changing CO2 Levels Require Microbial Coping Strategies

  • April 18, 2019
With increasing CO2 levels, ocean microbes are affected in different ways. Studying the effects of climate change on microbes is not straightforward.

Snow Is Coming - What’s That Have to Do with Microbes?

  • Jan. 11, 2019
Thanks to ice-nucleating abilities, the plant pathogen Pseudomonas syringae plays a big role in the bio-precipitation cycle, including snow and hail.

Does a Minimal Genome Exist

  • Sept. 27, 2018
What is the minimum number of genes a cell needs to survive? For years, researchers have systematically deleted genes from organisms, observed the results, and deleted more genes in subsequent iterations. But can we actually define a minimal genome containing only the genes necessary for life?

Yeast through the Years: from Hidden Fermenters to Synthetic Biology

  • Aug. 24, 2018
People have shaped yeast into a microbial powerhouse, from making bread and beer to synthetic biology.