Learning For All: The Practice of Inclusive Teaching

This is the first webinar in the Teaching Undergraduate Biology Webinar Series.

Inclusive teaching is the practice of using evidence-based methods to ensure that all of your students have the opportunity to succeed. Educators will gets ideas for how to implement inclusive teaching strategies for their own students.

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the role that identity plays in education.
  • Identify strategies to develop dialogue within STEM curriculum design.
  • Assess the degree to which STEM instruction promotes inclusion and sense of belonging.

Webinar Series 

This series introduces fundamental concepts of evidence-based teaching that you can readily apply in the classroom or lab, as well as essential career development tips for undergraduate educators. The content in the webinars builds upon content learned in previous webinars through the series. Learn from award-winning leaders in undergraduate biology education. The webinar series is based on ASM’s Science Teaching Fellows Program (2012-2017).

· After the completion of the webinar series, participants will be able to:

  • Implement best practices in curriculum development, such as backward design.
  • Use active learning strategies in the classroom.
  • Identify tools, resources, and connections to enhance classroom practices.
  • Develop skill sets that make you a stronger applicant when applying for academic positions.


A graduate student, postdoc or early-career scientist/faculty, transitioning to teaching who is also:
  • Studying, conducting research or teaching in the microbiological and related sciences.
  • Interested in careers that have a substantial undergraduate teaching component.

Registration Details

Registration is available for individual webinars or a 6-webinar package for the Teaching Undergraduate Biology webinar series.

Registration for individual webinars includes:

  • Access to live webinar(s) and recording(s).
  • Interactive learning with the speaker through activities and live question and answer sessions.

Registration for the entire Teaching Undergraduate Biology Webinar Series (6 webinars) includes additional benefits:

  • Discounted package pricing.
  • Participation in a virtual learning community about undergraduate teaching
  • Feedback about your learning through pre-webinar assignments.
  • Upon completing the 6-webinar series and providing feedback through surveys:
    • Certificate of Completion.
    • Invitation to participate in a syllabus consultation session at ASMCUE 2020 in Bellevue, WA.
    • Invitation to submit a poster/microbrew to ASMCUE 2020.
    • Invitation to volunteer for a number of different roles at ASM Education, such as a reviewer.
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6-webinar package: $274
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