Acid Fast Bacteria

The original microbiological images included in these pages are provided for educational and research purposes only.  These images have been "loaned" to ASM Division C and may be downloaded and used for educational and research purposes.  The original submitter retains all rights to the image.  Persons or organizations who wish to use these images for books, periodicals, or commercial applications must obtain the permission of the owner.  

Everyone is encouraged to submit high-quality microbiology images, thereby enhancing the educational value of this resource.  Click here for submission information.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Serpentine cord of M tuberculosis Kinyoun stained smear from liquid culture showing the serpentine cord formation typical of M. tuberculosis. (600X). Submitted by:  Bruce Hanna, Ph.D., New York University Medical Center, New York, NY. 
E-Mail:  hannab@is2.NYU.EDU    43KB JPG File   [Full Image]

Nocardia asteroides
Nocardia skin lesions.  Pregnant woman was jogging and caught her leg on a sharp spined plant.  Submitted by:  Dr. Gary Lum, Royal Darwin Hospital, Darwin, Australia. E-Mail:   51KB JPG File   [Full Image]

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