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This page contains general election information and general job descriptions for  ASM Division C leadership positions.
General Election Information

Schedule for Annual Election Process

Division Advisor

Division Chair

Division Chair-Elect

Division Councilor

Division Alternate Councilor

Divisional Group Representative

General Election Information 
    Candidates for all offices must be received by the ASM Secretary by June 1. The first call for nominations is in February with a follow-up memo sent prior to the General Meeting.  Nomination forms may be mailed or faxed to ASM.  The annual election is conducted in the fall and results are available by the following February 1. More information regarding the Nominating Committees and the role of Division Officers ran be found in the ASM Constitution and Bylaws. [Top of Page]
Schedule for Annual Election Process
February 15 First call for Nominees for Annual Ballot.
June 24 Deadline to submit Nominees for Annual Ballot.
July 1 All persons elected during the previous Annual Ballot begin their terms.
October 1 Annual election process begins.
December 10 All Ballots are due.
February 1 All Candidates are notified of the outcome of the election.
    For more information regarding the election process and the Annual Ballot, please contact Charlotte Daniels, Manager of Leadership Services by phone (202-942-9207), fax (202-942-9333), or by E-Mail to Charlotte Daniels. [Top of Page]  
Division Advisor (1 Year) 
    The Division Chair will automatically assume the position of Division Advisor on July 1 following their one-year term as Chair.

    Division Advisors provide guidance on policies and procedures relating to the duties of the Division Chair. They also provide assistance to the Divisional Group Representative on matters concerning the activities of the Group. [Top of Page]  

Division Chair (1 Year) 
    The Division Chair-Elect will normally assume the position of Division Chair on July 1 following their one-year term as Chair-Elect (pending verification by mail ballot).  Elections are held for Division Chair only when a new division is created or when the Chair-Elect is unable to succeed to the office. 

    Division Chairs appoint a Nominating Committee for their Division. The Nominating Committee consists of at least 3 members, who will select a chair among themselves.  The charge of this committee is to propose candidates for the offices of Chair-Elect and Alternate Councilor for the Division. The Nominating Committee should select two candidates for each of these offices. (if only one candidate is selected, the candidates will run unopposed). 

    Division Chairs are members of the Nominating Committee for Divisional group Representatives for their Division.  Division Chairs play a key role in identifying and determining how the scientific interests of their Division members can be met by ASM, especially at the General Meeting.  More information regarding the specific responsibilities of the Divisional Chairs can by supplied by the Meetings Department at ASM Headquarters.  [Top of Page]  

Division Chair-Elect (1 Year) 
    The position of Chair-Elect is open to any voting member of the division who agrees to serve a one year term, become Chair the following year, and then serve a year as the Division Advisor.  Election is conducted by mail ballot of voting members of the Division. Ballots are distributed at the time of the annual election in the fall. 

    The Division Chairs-Elect ultimately play a role in identifying and determining how the scientific interests of their Division members can be met by ASM, especially at the General Meeting.  [Top of Page]  

Division Councilor (2 Years) 
    In 2006, the ASM membership voted to modify the ASM Bylaws concerning division officers by eliminating the positions of alternate councilor and division advisor. The duties of Division Advisor would be merged with the duties of the Division Councilor.

    All current Alternate Councilors and Councilors will complete their full terms of service before the new policy would take affect for a specific division. Therefore, with the 2007 election cycle (terms starting on July 1, 2008), the position of Alternate Councilor will not be placed on the ballot. The transition period will be fully complete with the 2010 election cycle.
    The Division Alternate Councilor will automatically succeed to the position of Councilor on July 1 following their two-year term as Alternate Councilor.  Elections are held for this position only if the Alternate Councilor is unable to assume the position or if there are additional nominations bearing signatures of not less than 15 members of that division.  If necessary, an election will be held by mail ballot. 

    The Division Councilor provides divisional representation at the Council Meeting and keeps the Chair and Chair-elect fully informed of all matters likely to affect the division.  The voting members of the ASM Council include Councilors elected by Branches and Divisions and the members of the Council Policy Committee. Council, as the ASM Board of Directors, is the governing body of the Society and is empowered to implement the mission of the Society, to authorize policy, and to ensure that operations conform with the Constitution and Bylaws.  [Top of Page]  

Division Alternate Councilor (2 Years) 
    The position of Alternate Councilor is no longer being filled. [Top of Page]  
Divisional Group Representatives (2 years) 
    The Divisional Group Representatives must have served recently as Division Chair. The 2-year term of election is staggered so that two representatives are elected an each annual ballot.  Divisional Groups I and IV are elected in even-numbered years; Divisional Groups II and III elect representatives in odd-numbered years.  Divisional Group Representatives are eligible to stand for re-election to serve one additional term. 

    Candidates for Divisional Group Representative are selected by Nominating Committee or by a petition signed by at least 25 Full Members, in good standing, of the Division.  The Nominating Committee is composed of all of the Division Chairs of each Divisional Group.  At least two candidates, who have recently served as Division Chair, are selected by the Nominating Committee.  In February, Division Chairs receive a list of the most recent past chairs for the divisions within their divisional group.  Election is conducted by mail ballot of voting members constituting the Divisional Group.  Ballots are distributed at the time of the annual election in the fall. 

    Divisional Group Representatives play a key role in determining the content of the General Meeting.  For more specific information about the responsibilities of the Divisional Group Representatives contact the ASM Meetings Department. [Top of Page]  

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