Submitting Microbiological Images

Library Content 
    The Division C Image Library will include images of pure cultures, wet mounts, and stained smears from clinical specimens.  Images of routine organisms are important but the library will also include images of unusual organisms (or combination of organisms) that may not be seen frequently.  The image library will include several slides for each organism to take into account differences in staining and/or structural features.  

    Macro shots of colony morphology, hemolysis, and biochemical reactions will also be published because these are helpful for teaching purposes.  

Submitting Slides 
    Good-quality 2x2" slides should be submitted for publication.  The slides will be scanned and returned to you within a week or so.  Send slides and the permission form (below) to: 

    Danny L. Wiedbrauk, Ph.D. 
    Warde Medical Laboratory 
    5025 Venture Drive 
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 

Submitting Scans 
    Individuals with slide scanning capabilities should scan the images at 640x480 dpi at a resolution of 72 dpi. Save the image as a JPG (or JPEG for Mac users) file with high resolution (resolution = 6 or 7).  Alternatively, the slides can be saved as a *.TIF (or TIFF) file.  The resulting files can be E-mailed to 

    Note:  IBM-formats are preferred (sorry, Mac-users). 

    The submitter will be credited with image ownership.  We consider these images to be "on loan" to ASM Division C website.  Visitors to the website may download the images and have unrestricted use of the images for research and educational purposes.  You, as the original submitter, retain all rights to the image.  Persons or organizations who wish to use these images for books, periodicals, or commercial applications must obtain your permission to use the images. 

Permission Form

To:  Division C
       American Society for Microbiology

Re:  Permission to publish microbiological images.

I, ______________________, give my permission to publish the original microbiological images listed below on the ASM Division C website.  Visitors to the website may have unrestricted use of my images for research and educational purposes.  However, I retain all rights to these images.

Image 1  (name of image)

    (e.g., Hematoxylin stain of Wuchereria bancrofti microfilaria in a peripheral blood smear...).  Patient information (e.g., ..from a 27 year old man who returned from Africa three weeks previously) is helpful but optional.

Submitter Information:

    Name, address, telephone number, and E-Mail address (to allow others to contact you for permission to reproduce the image). Submitters who would rather not have this information displayed on the website may elect to have the phrase "on-file with CPWebmaster," printed instead.  However, you must include this information with every submission.
Signature and Date

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